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aKunaKumara hatinman

Yes, they crash...

Added: Sunday, December 8th 2019 at 5:26pm by OpinionNateTed





User Comments

I don't think I want to race in that thick a pack... 


I've never seen so many bad accidents with go karts. It looks to me as though there were an awfull lot of inexperienced drivers out there, and way too many on the track at one time. 

Injuries are how things get regulated...    :/

...hence... those ugly roll bars on today's go karts. Lawsuits put a lotta kart manufacturers out of business. 

I fell out of a go-kart going 0 mph on the street, much less this!  Nope, I wouldn't go at high speeds in one for nothing.

Fell out going 0 mph? {#basic-undecided.gif} Was alcohol involved?

No. I was about 10 years old.

Ok...maybe turning at 5 mph. My cousin was driving.

Apparently that was before you learned about centrifical force, huh? 

Definitely.  At 10 yrs old I wasn't thinking about nothing but the ride. {#basic-cool.gif}

...and that ended your go karting career? 

HA @ career {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}  I think I rode a few more times and my cousin (Steve) was warned to not make sharp turns again. He had thought it was hilarious of me falling in the street, the rat!  I so wasn't laughing either, ppssh!

...it was/is hilarious... wudda nerd.

Dani's professional debut...

go kart fail GIF

roflroflrofl omg now THAT above is hilarious!!! But!  I'll have you know I never drove a good kart, aight!?!  I was riding shotgun and you see how close to the road it is.  I just took a lil tumble and got back in the seat! 

I got ya "nerd" ok? Hmmmmph!!! {#basic-angry.gif}

LOL a "good" kart!  A go* kart even! {#rofl.gif}

waynes world GIF

Image result for bring it!

Later that day, Dani decides to take kitty for a ride...

adorable fall out GIF

I had a cat just like that!! Wendi!!  No wonder I never found her again. {#blush.gif}

dumb and dumber ~dd GIF

Image result for heavy makeup

No....just my eyes are heavily accented.


simon rex booger GIF by Simon Rex / Dirt Nasty

The image is right above this nerd pickin his nose.

Related image

Maybe those will help......

Now it appeared... thanks.

For the image or for the glasses?

go on popcorn GIF

Well you know....sometimes you even have to ask yourself.........

Image result for you mad bro


oh boy high quality GIF

Download drinking 21

Dani continued to make headlines throughout her racing career...

I'm thinking after that horrific accident, he was in need of a good old fashioned nap.

Though she tried hard, she was never able to chalk up a win...

Had I known you would be using home videos, I'd of posted some of mine!

After numerous go kart mishaps... Dani eventually learned how to not fall out of a go kart...

...wut, these videos from Dani's archives aren't good enough? If you have any better, let's have 'em. {#popc1.gif}

This time, having a door worked! I graduated from go karts to hot rods early in life.

Oh wait! That's from my archives??  Well then! Lets see one of yours!


oh no omg GIF

...I wasn't gonna go there.

You don't have to go there. I don't feel like bragging.  {#bubble-gum.gif}

Dayum, I'm good!   {#goldcup.gif}

I would add graphics to my comments but my wifi is down, again, so we'll have to pospone this most amusing exchange for another time.  Its been great good fun though. {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Awww, it wouldn't be fair to continue if you can't do graphics and gifs to counter. Thanks for the fun, you're always a good sport... and a good challenge.


{#high_five.gif}  thank you as well.  You're a good egg too.  :)


Yikes!!!!  But they sure look like so much fun!! 

My go-kart experience was so boring by comparison, I dont even know if these are called go-karts, they used only pedal power...lol.  I dont know how old I was when these were taken, I remember they were at a place called Burnham Park.

Were these go-karts too? or something else?

Well, it'a a kart... a human-powered peddle kart... they were't called go karts until the late 50s when a guy in California named Art Ingels put a lawnmower engine on a kart and dubbed it a Go Kart. 

But hey, you're rockin that kart girl. {#basic-cool.gif}

I wonder how long it took them to cotton on to that idea, putting a lawn mower motor on one of those karts...lol.

I remember the TWO treats we always got when we visited Burnham Park. the go karts and Drumstick ice-creams!!  Yes, they were around back then believe it or not!!... {#basic-laugh.gif}

It probably didn't take him long... he was both a welder and a race car driver/builder. He basically welded up a miniature version of the race cars he was building and added a small engine. What's amazing is the fact that 60 years later those original go karts are still the best designs out there. I own 2 karts from that era.

That Drumstick ice-cream was around back then... I've learned something new today. {#basic-cool.gif}

no I meant the people hiring out those karts at Burnham Park. I wonder how long it took them to cotton on to the idea that they can put an engine on those karts. I dont know that they eventually did, I'm not sure they would have been kid-friendly if they had. But you never know...lol.

Yup, I remember when drumsticks first came on the market, I couldnt believe anything could be so delicious and it was such a treat for me back then...{#basic-laugh.gif}

I'm guessing karts with gas engines at Burnham Park world have been hazardous for everyone... not to mention the level of noise they'd generate.

Since we were a large family of nine kids, we were lucky to get a simple pop-sickle. {#basic-cool.gif}

Yes, they do, and a person has to wonder.....Were any of the drivers seriously hurt?  I would not want to be driving one of those go-carts, though they are fun to watch.

Several of those drivers lay there motionless, so I would say there were some serious injuries. Heck, a lot of them were hit by thir own karts when they were flung out of them.

I always loved to watch the " Little Racals ", when they went go karting.

The Little Rascals were the best. I can't tell ya how inspirational they were for me. {#rofl.gif}

 I watch a documentary on them just the other night. I loved them.

 Did you see the one where they were in that Haunted House??? I loved it.

The characters... superb!!!

 Yes, and for kids they did a great job.

Yep... I have their DVD's.

 Lucky you.



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