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When you want your DONUTS and you want them NOW!!!

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, July 11th 2019 at 2:16pm by OpinionNateTed

To hell with that waiting in line shit!!!




orange is the new black donut GIF

User Comments

                          keanu reeves eating GIF

I know which I would rather sink my teeth into....{#basic-tongue-out.gif} {#bag-on-head.gif} {#basic-cool.gif} {#basic-laugh.gif}

...settle down girl. {#basic-cool.gif}

{#yummy.gif} {#yummy.gif} {#yummy.gif}

Omg right?!?  {#basic-ohsnap.gif}  I wasn't expecting that!  That guy .... well all three of 'em must of had fits!  Then all that glass to pick up, what a holy mess.  How could nobody go for the pastry??  I would have sure tried! {#yummy.gif}

I wonder how many donuts had to be thrown out because of all the glass.

What a waste huh?  All that deliciousness, peppered with glass, awwww man....

A little past halfway in the video they have a 5-man cleanup crew in there cleaning up all the glass... lots and lots of glass and dead donuts. {#crying.gif}

I knooooow. Such a waste of good confection.  {#basic-frown.gif}

The Donut Massacre!!! {#angry.gif}

.....and I'll bet those chocolate - filled donuts and the strawberry filled got destroyed, gaaaaah!  Can ya stand it?!  {#basic-angry.gif}

I'm sure the cops will be extra tough on that driver. {#police.gif}

They better or I wanna know why not.  {#black_aggressive.gif}

I want mine with chocolate frosting

Would you like yours pretty with sprinkles of glass? {#basic-cool.gif}

LOL yeah why not

...they sparkle in the sunlight. {#basic-laugh.gif}

There are times I feel I can chew thru nails so glass sprinkes should be no problem

You're a tough coookie... er, uh, donut!!! {#thumbs_up.gif}

Nah just think I am sometimes

...then you had me fooled. {#basic-cool.gif}

I'll have mine with Cinnamon and sugar thank you.

Just pull up to the drive-thru window ma'am... 

Yep, that's what I have been wanting to do at McDonalds and the new burger they have...lol

Holy crap!!!  Must be darn good donuts!!!!  Glad nobody got hurt.

Must've been a donut addict{#basic-undecided.gif}

I must admit I'm kinda partial to them myself, I love Krispy Kremes!!!!..{#yummy.gif}

My dad would always bring home a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts on Sunday. We had 9 kids in the family, so it was one each... kinda made them even more special. 

Krispy Kremes only opened it's first store here in Perth last year or maybe even the year before, I know it's not been here for very long.  What's been here for a while is Dunkin Donuts and now they have a competitor.  I didnt much care for Dunkin Donuts but I had my very first Krispy Kreme in the Philippines on one of my visits and I loved them so much I was very happy when they opened a store here in Perth.

I always treat myself (not very often at all) to a box of six assorteds...

Image result for krispy kreme perth city

Their glazed donuts used to be much larger than we have today, don't know how big the ones are that you get. 

standard size donuts like they've always been.  They have started making smaller (designer) ones which are really cute and I love the donut balls (the ones that are made from the holes in the donuts) dipped in hot chocolate drink!!!...{#yummy.gif} {#yummy.gif}

Today's standard isn't what the standard was when I was a kid. I remember when they downsized. The were about 1" bigger.

well I for one am glad they are smaller, wont make me feel so guilty eating one....or two even...lol.  Wonder if it has anything to do with "obesity"  or "economics".

My guess is... first and formost is economic, on obesity... they'd have be pressured to even consider that. 

Must have been trying to commit suicide by donut. {#basic-undecided.gif}


Now you got me craving some donuts. lol

I know, huh? How sad... dead donuts. 

I stay away from donut's now, they're too habit forming, eat one, you need to eat more, lol!  Maybe they'll put in that drivethrough now, you think?!!

Yeah, the driver already started the drive-thru project for them. 

LOL!  I thought the same thing, lol!

He should send them a bill. 

How did I miss this funny blog? Time to do a doughnut run. I miss having a Crispy Creme around where you could see the "light" go on when fresh doughnuts were ready. Who has the self-control to pass those by without stopping?

Driving around here is hazardous to my health. 

I sure wish we had Krispy Kreme 's close by... I'd be making a run as we speak. 

                   Image result for Krispy Kreme images

That gives new meaning to the ME, TOO movement. Krispy is my all time fave do-nut place.

I think the nearest Krispy Kreme to me is like a 1/2 hr drive or more. If it were 5-10 minutes away, it would be a daily destination. {#dancing6.gif}

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