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Added: Tuesday, December 10th 2019 at 8:06am by OpinionNateTed




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Ahahahahaaaa!  These are fabulous!  I just love the cordless hammer. All you have to do is sit there and watch the hammer do the work for you...hands free even! An added bonus! {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

The 8 function multi-tool is a must. Imagine, while waiting for the results of your paternity test, you could also be eating a corn on the cob, ingenius!

One is as good as the next!  I'll have to check out the 148 piece tool kit. I'm anxious to use the box as a makeup caddy plus it matches my bedroom decor.  The tools will be sold on ebay.

HA!!! Ya gotta love the sale price vs the regular price.

I'm gonna pick me up one a 'em 50' garden hose extension cord combos. "Do not get cord wet" {#rofl.gif}

The prices can't be beat!  Yes that garden hose extension cord is hysterical.  Everything is!

Of course it's a takeoff of the Harbor Freight non-sale SALE ads for useless shit. 

Ahhhh, didn't know that. Never been inside a Harbor Freight store.  This was funny though!

I thought so too. {#basic-cool.gif}

😅😅 love the 148 piece tool set.

PERFECT Christmas gift for that special person in your life... {#basic-cool.gif}

Gotta have that whale-gutting knife. Can't tell you how many times I've needed one

Great gift ideas, aye? Thank me very much. {#basic-cool.gif}

I always love the warranty they offer you at Harbor Freight checkout... 3-year warranty on your $19.95 tool item for only $19.95. 

Can't see them, sorry.

oy vey iz mir...

No photo description available.



These are ads only a man could appreciate. {#dj1.gif}

...no, if you'd actually read them you'd understand. 

I actually DID read them, Nate. I guess I just didn't understand what you were getting at. But I did pick up that the sale price for the heavy-duty pneumatic side whistle was more than the regular price. It's just that nothing on the list, except maybe for the garden hose, is anything I'd be interested in.

Amala... would you really be interested in THAT garden hose? Read the entire ad again...

...check out the top left corner of the bottom 4 ads...

...I'm buying the 18-volt cordless hammer and the 16" manual chainsaw. 

Yes, the whole ad is a farce. And, no, I wouldn't be interested in a garden hose over twice the price and that you can't get wet. LOL

I guess what I was trying to say is I wouldn't even look at an ad for the aforementioned items because they wouldn't be anything I'd be interested in buying even if they were legit. 

it   was   a   joke

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