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The BEST non-answer answer... everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Added: Monday, September 27th 2021 at 8:22am by OpinionNateTed
Category: Health > Covid19



"That is correct"

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Why is there one standard for Americans in the U.S. and then the wet-backs or illegals do not have a standard and come in the U.S. and may or may not have COVID, and bring it too others?

I don't understand why MISTER Biden doesn't say all no matter Amercians Wet-backs, or Illegals need the same requirements as we do?

What gives here? Bro. Doc

Well... truth be told, Biden and the democrats don't want to offend their future voters, AND, they want this plandemic to go on for as long as possible, if not forever. Genocide... every communist regime does it...

What will happen sooner or later is there is going to be a war. Not in a foreign country but here at home.

A war again Americans and Illegals.

The Americans are getting very tired of all the Illegals coming into the border cities and causing all the things they do.

So once they are tired of it, they will try themselves to run them out of the border cities and back to the other side and out of America, with blood shed.

Just letting the Illegals, means we could be letting murders, thost that rape, steal, molest, etc. etc.

It is time this MISTER Biden is booted out of office. Bro. Doc

Our own government is conspiring against us and they have all the power and ability to crush us at any time. Right now they are using dangerous totalitarianistic language to turn our fellow citizens against us. We're seeing the fruits of that here on blogster, those who wish us dead.

Our government is hindering our efforts to even organize, while aiding and abetting, by funding the radical groups that are actually creating mayhem in our country. 

Exactly Nate.

Let me say this. The Government only has the POWER if we the people allow them to have the power. 

We can stand up and be counted for if we really wanted too. But the problem is too many people are asleep with their heads in the sand, not seeing what is happening around them.

Here on blogster I do not pay attention too them.

Maybe when the 2022 midterm elections come the Dems will be out of power in the Congress and the Senate, and then Biden will not be able to do his job. Bro. Doc

One of the founders said we might have to revolt to save the country.

Additionally, Jefferson said: "I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical."

That is what I was thinking also. Bro. Doc

I shake my head at the way she overlooks what she can't respond to by going to someone else instead.  I'd be riding her caboose over & over again to get an answer of WHY!  Those people pick and choose which questions they're willing to answer while ignoring the ones that the American people really want answers to!  Its disgusting.

Yep, and the question gets lost in her long drawn out recitation of her canned, good-sounding talking points.

Some people are too stupid to even realized her responses are rehearsed and memorized.  If asked to repeat herself, she'd repeat it back word for word without veering off one word.  That is so pathetic.

Nice observation, and it's RIGHT ON.



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