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S O R R Y... again

Added: Sunday, October 20th 2019 at 6:24pm by OpinionNateTed

How could they get it so wrong?


ABC News showed footage of what was supposedly the Turkish army attacking and slaughtering  innocent civilians in a border town.


...oops, sorry...

It’s actually from a Kentucky gun range... from the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point.

User Comments

democrats are dumbasses!!! {#angry.gif}

So it is...

Reporting false news should be against the law.

Evidently the democrats and all of their co-conspirators are untouchable. "We're sorry" seems to exonerate them every time. 

  I just listened to clips from that sorry excuse debate.


Good morning Wendi...

The PATHETIC PARTY debates... a race to see who can be the most pathetic among them. They're all tied. 

 They just played a clip from Biden, saying if he runs against Trump, he will beat him like a drum. How Childish is this. 

Fox  news thinks that Biden is done and that Warren is the front runner now.



Biden... the senile "tough guy". 

Warren... oh boy, she'll surely scare the shit out of our enemies, huh? 

elizabeth warren msnbc GIF

joe biden scarf GIF

...dude is lost. Scarf on in the limo, scarf comes off outside. {#what-the-oh-my.gif}

...yeah, he's all badass.

 These are good lol

I wonder how many times Biden rehearsed taking that scarf off like he's all bad and shit. 

Yeah, I remember when Hillary's server began to be discussed. Her comment? "I take full responsibility."  Yeah, right! If she did she would be in prison now!

 I bet he dropped it in a mud puddle but they  didnt show it.lol

...and then he tripped, fell down, skinned his knee and cried. {#basic-cool.gif}

 "I take full responsibility" because she knew the media and the deep state had her back and nothing would become of it. 

 He was nipping on that bottle again lol

...he is a drunk ya know. {#frow.gif}

 i thought so.A bumbling idiot of Obama,

obama needed someone on the ticket dumber than him. 

 Yep, a patsy or a puppet.

Yep, another empty suit.

I hate the words "oops sorry" they knew what they were showing

Exactly... they're only sorry that they got caught. 

LOL!  They thought they could get away with insulting the Turkish people, and they got caught, so to speak, with their pants down, lol!  Someone's head is going to roll, I wonder which one will get fired this time, lol!

...actually, I think they promote failure. {#basic-cool.gif}


it's easy to get Kentucky and Turkey confused... doesn't everyone? 

Remember, Susan Rice's husband used to be a news producer at ABC News... Benghazi was over a video, right.... 

...and the dumb among us just keep watching. That shit just goes over their heads... "well, they said they were sorry".

A guy on Twitter is the one who caught it and exposed ABC... nothing would have been said if he hadn't done it... IMO shameful 

It's not like that's the first time the lamestream media used the wrong video footage either. How does something like that happen "accidentally"?

Answer: It doesn't.

We've witnessed fake news firsthand for years even before Trump got on their case. He is right, too. That's what makes them even madder 

I think it became abundantly clear during the Clinton presidency. And during the obama years, it was just blatant. 

Well, I used to trust the news before I saw for myself how corrupt they are. I was naive. It really shocked me because our free speech and news was supposed to be what made our president country free... we condemned Russia and China and other countries while we do the exact same thing 

Not all propaganda is necessarily bad, but now ours IS like the worst of the worst. 

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