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Added: Monday, September 20th 2021 at 11:00am by OpinionNateTed
Category: Health > Covid19


User Comments


Everything's possible in Fantasy Land.


...and just where do you stand? With Amala? 

Doubt many wild bats or other creatutes have lined up for their injections - they will forever be an untamed reservoir of covid variants

How hard would it be to scare them out of a cave, then seal the cave?

Why do they blame people that have not taken it for the probldems? There are people that have had thethe first and second shot that still came down with COVID and were sick, and some even died.

Who they need to blame all this on, is the one that created the drug, and gave it to those that gave the shots. And if it is not working, then the ones that created it are the ones at fault.

Not the ones that have not taken it.

The problem first starts at the creators of the drug. Bro. Doc

I agree, and the fact that they keep pushing a faulty vax makes me ask WHY? The FACT that Bill Gates is a believer in eugenics and population control, and he's invested in the vax makes me question even more. 

Makes me wonder what the long term deal it is with the COVID shots? Bro. Doc

Depopulating the world. With robotics and Artificial Intelligence, the elitists don't need excess humans. 

True. Bro. Doc

The vax push is NOT to save our lives, it's to take them. 

I wish you were wrong but your not. Not after reading all the information. Bro. Doc

I read that they now want to give to the kids

And that will forever mess up the next generations. 

Never fear, Good ol' Biden is going to push his mandates, that EVERYONE get those shots. 

Now if you want to take the shots, that's one thing, but to bne forced to take the shot's is quite another thing.  I believe the person should hsve the right to refuse to take them, if they don't want them...

Some landlords are starting to evict tenants without shots.

I still think these things are chipped somehow. End Times.

They're gonna keep turning the screws on us. 

Yep, you are right.

Remember the movie series "Left Behind"? Yeah, like that.

No photo description available.

Exactly, I remember those and they seem to be quite accurate. 

Everyone should read them but there will still be those who cannot see.


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