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Openly radical democrat rebuked by closet radical democrats for saying what all democrats aren't supposed to say out loud...

Controversial Content
Added: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 2:34pm by OpinionNateTed


Image result for Rep. Ilhan Omar images

Newbie radical democrat Ilhan Abdullahi Omar

So, after the openly radical Somalia-born muslimRep. Ilhan Omar tweeted some antisemitic comments...

...and after the Internet called her out...

...some closet radically antisemitic democrats were forced to openly rebuke her. Then a few closet radical antisemitic democrat bigwigs LIKE Pelosi and Chelsea Clinton pulled her aside and told her what's up.


Then she be like...

"I'm sorry"  


Interpretation for democrat "I'm sorry":

Oh shit! I got busted for saying what I really meant to say.


Image result for Rep. Ilhan Omar images

Rep. Ilhan Omar married her brother...
...but that's a story for another day.

Abdullahi was upset for like two minutes... then she remembered... 


Image result for Rep. Ilhan Omar swearing in images

oh yeah, that right, swore in on the Koran... I'm allowed to lie... "I love Israel and the Jews"

Image result for Rep. Ilhan Omar images




Image result for Rep. Ilhan Omar swearing in images

BTW,  Ilhan Omar becomes the first person to wear hijab in Congress



Image result for maga hat images



User Comments

...the democrat party represents radicals.

Represents radicals but IS ... Communist

...and THAT'S a fact Jack!!!

Minnesota has one of the largest Sommali comunities in the country that  is how she got in  with muslims her district, you can bet  most of the counties in MN did not vote for her.

They take over a town, then they have a voice to take more ground. The democrat party embraces all this. Muslims donated heavily to the obama campaigns and there's where it started. They've been using the same strategy for 1400 years... because it works.

Then a few closet radical antisemitic democrat bigwigs kike Pelosi and Chelsea Clinton pulled her aside and told her what's up...

Besides the sky...   I wonder if what they said also  included, "Back off, we're the top dogs, not you and AOC.."  

I'm betting their wording was much smoother than that. Ya don't wanna piss-off or alienate a muslim. The really stupid thing (for America) that democrats do is to place these dipshit freshmen on committees.

I have a feeling that Pelosi has just about chewed off her tongue at this point.  The limelight's  on them and  it's much worse than the  light that ever shone on her because this group of freshmen is just...absurd...and even SHE knows it!

I and some others have prayed earnestly for God to turn these dem peeps to truth & wisdom or let them be seen for the fools they are.  Anyone can join that prayer.

to (His) truth & wisdom

...and I don't mean the Muslim's version of "God".

Thanks, FedUp, and I've also said some prayers.  Yours are more optimistic than mine,  though, because mine have leaned toward your latter request...which might be too optimistic, too, but all of this is the purpose and the power of prayer.

When God says "pray for your enemies" (to be saved), that's heavy & meaningful stuff.  I really mean it when I pray that...for Hell is too awfulfor ant person!  Then, if He offers, and they refuse Him ...they're in deep do-do.  I'm just suggesting what at least a part of the do-do could be.

Praying for enemies, large and small, also helps alleviate various temptations which can only be good.  Confidence and strength of character help, too.  

 People have surprised me in both directions. Where I thought there was no chance in hell of a reconciliation, out of the blue someone impressed me beyond belief an inspired me to make changes. Then there's another saying they wanted things to be better, then they spit on the olive branch. You just never know what prayer will bring. 

We gee, just like I said... Rep. Ilhan Omar just didn't know she wasn't supposed to say certain things out loud... aw hell, she's only a freshman.

Dem Rep. Gerry Connolly defends Ilhan Omar: She’s only a ‘freshman’

My thinking too. It really seems like they're oblivious to reality, doesn't it?

A showering of "Love" doesn't faze a muslim. Some people are just too stupid to realize that.

Learn something new about her every time I hear something about her.  She married her brother?!!


yeah... muslims are kinda sick.

Fuck democrats.

...in simple terms, yeah.

I just hope she Continues to say stupid stuff so people will vote her out... or shut her up.  And maybe it'll wake those who think Muslims are harmless, peaceful people. 

Oh, I wholeheartedly agree. The best thing for Republicans is when democrats speak.

This woman should never have been allowed to enter politics. And as long as jihad lies in the heart and soul of Islam, it's my contention that no Muslim should. They will always hate Jews, 5.3 million of them here in the U.S, and they will always be working toward their dream of forming a worldwide Caliphate. It's a little like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. 

That's exactly what it is, yet the democrats are hell-bent on giving muslims as much power in government as they want.

It's insanity, but the democrats are the representatives of insanity.

I was gone yesterday and come in this morning to find a good blog and all the best comments already up. I agree with all

Thanks Kat. Hope your day is a good one. {#basic-cool.gif}

"...Then a few closet radical  antisemitic democrat bigwigs kike Pelosi and Chelsea Clinton pulled her aside and told her what's up..."

Hahaha, best laugh I've had so far this morning.  I know, I know it's a typo, right?  But be glad you aren't an elected official with a typo like that, they'd be calling for your head on a kike...err, pike.

{#giggle.gif} {#giggle.gif} {#giggle.gif}

And yes, Virginia, 5 stars.  I laugh out loud for any reason, 5 Stars!

{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif} didn't catch that *kike ...will edit correction. What an awkward typo. Hell, I ever had to look it up... I knew I had heard it before.





The word 'kike', as far as I can tell, originated at Ellis Island, back in the day when all immigrants arrived there first.  Supposedly, illiterate immigrants who could not sign their name were asked to make an 'X' in place of a signature.  Illiterate Jews refused to make a mark resembling a cross, so they signed with a circle instead.

The greek word for 'circle' is kuklos...which got shortened somehow to 'kike.'  (I can not attest to the accuracy of this, but I did go looking for the word's origin a while back, and that's the best explanation anyone could come up with.)

Sorry to sidetrack, just thought you might find that interesting.

yep, that's the one I found when I did my search...

Sheesh, of ALL the words in this post, THAT had to be the one, and oh boy, what a typo.

I know, I know, and that's what caused my mirth.

Anything that can go wrong...

Well... my mouth dropped when I scrolled up to see it with my own eyes. {#what-the-oh-my.gif}

Such a clash of content. 

I caught on the news last night, that there are more than a few congressmen/women, who did not like what she said/did.  And the majority of them were Dems.

She's not going to be smiling as brightly as she was a week ago. What a SMACKDOWN. 

True.  As a matter of fact, I'm expecting to see her gone, and very soon.

I just don't see that happening. What are your thoughts? How? Why?

I heard tonight, that he rates dropped dramatically.

These female freshman democrat radicals are really gonna mess things up for the party in the upcoming elections.

She married her brother? Say it aint so!

That's the accusation... Immigration/Marriage Fraud

I hope they launch a real investigation. 

Someone hacked and stole my Twitter account.

Yep, that's what I was wondering too. Why should a hijab be considered any less "hateful"? There aren't any cases of jihad while wearing a MAGA hat.

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