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"kids say the darndest things"

Added: Friday, February 14th 2020 at 11:02am by OpinionNateTed


"kids say the darndest things"

-Art Linkletter



...he was right



User Comments


Hahaha, kids today are waaaay too smart than we give them credit for!  That was cute and awkward at the same time {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

I'd be stumped... where you you go with that dialog? 

I knoooow!  Especially the little girl that said "I wanna do prostitution!".  That was so unexpected and I thought it was hilarious!  And of course the little boy wanting to be a lesbian and the teacher saying "we'll all be lesbians", HAHA! Priceless!

The teacher was pretty much in a no-win situation... and it could only get worse. HA!!!

And that's why the cousins left San Francisco and the SF public school system...

And it's the same reason my niece and nephew gave up their teaching careers. Public schools are a cesspool.

Oh my goodness....... Isnt it pitiful that these words are even in those kids vocabulary? Children are exposed to way to much info. at a much to young age.

Yep, society has raped the minds of our children. Children are no longer permitted to just be children. 

 You are so right.  They are exposed to so much violence, such as in the schools, churches, the Malls, in the streets, drug addicted parents. Not to mention many of these kids, dont know who their daddy is. It is pitiful. No wonder so many kids turn to drugs. They can excape reality for awhile. No wonder so many kids join with gangs. The gang members will give them false hope of caring for them. 

Some thing needs to be done to  protect these kids . 

...the absence of God

Yes, and the lack of good parenting.

Liberalism is destroying our nation.

It really is and all I can think of is EVIL.

Spawns of Satan...

 yes, for sure.

Oh man!  What happened to those poor children?!!  It sounds like they were brainwashed!!

Just exposed to adult content.

...and the dark side of life.

In other words, brainwashed!

That sums it up.

Funny but sad that our world is going in this way

I don’t even like it when little kids know the anatomical names for their private areas, let alone variations on human sexuality. Is there anyone who wouldn’t know what is meant by “down there” from a kindergartner?

You're right, little kids don't need to know. Schools pervert kids.

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