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By Sen. Rand Paul

Added: Saturday, December 7th 2019 at 7:11pm by OpinionNateTed


He's so right!!!

Sen. Rand Paul: Schiff’s release of phone records is absolutely outrageous – Here’s what has to happen next


Sometimes the hypocrisy in Washington is so bad it is almost laughable. The House impeachment witch hunt reached that level this week with the revelations that Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., had acquired and published personalphone records of Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., (the ranking member on the Intelligence Committee), two of President Trump’s personal attorneys, and an investigative journalist Schiff doesn’t like.

This act was brazen and shameful. While it may not have been illegal (because Congress writes its own rules on investigations) it certainly was wrong. It certainly tramples on rights normally held dear by the left.

But most of all what it did was expose that Schiff, for all of his pompous bluster, is doing exactly what he has accused President Trump of doing: using his power to investigate his political opponents.

Instead of another panel of witnesses, we should get Schiff a mirror.

I shouldn’t be shocked by this. This has been a partisan exercise from Day 1. Want proof? There were articles of impeachment filed against President Trump in January 2017, right after his inauguration.

Want more proof? The votes in these impeachment “proceedings” have been completely partisan, every time.

It used to be that Democrats and their co-conspirators in the media didn’t believe in partisan impeachment.

Current House leaders have quotes from the 1990s saying as much – like current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y. But apparently that was just their standard for Republicans, not for themselves.

Partisanship is bad enough. But trampling rights and norms of conduct in investigations is worse, and that’s why Schiff should be formally censured by the House for his actions.

Part of the problem lies with Congress writing its own rules for subpoenas and investigations, without any thought of due process.

For example, when someone attempts to get an attorney’s records in a judicial proceeding, he or she has to show why and must prove it to a court, and then a special judge is appointed to assist with the review. Care is taken. Attorney-client privilege is assumed unless there is evidence of a crime by the attorney. That didn’t happen here because Congress and Schiff don’t think they need to follow this standard.

Part of the problem also lies with our “third-party doctrine” in privacy law, something I’ve been fighting for years. It goes like this: your records are not necessarily your records if they are held by a third party – like a phone company, an Internet service provider, a credit card company, or a physician.

Ask yourself this: When you make a call, send an email, fill your prescriptions, or otherwise live your life, do you think your records are yours, or are they public? Because of some awful and ancient court decisions that predate the digital age, the law currently deems them to not belong to you.

As a result, someone like Schiff can just go to the phone company and you will never know it, even if you are a fellow member of Congress or the president’s lawyer.

That’s wrong. It’s been wrong to do to ordinary citizens. It’s wrong to give Congress this power with no check. And it’s wrong to do this to the president of the United States.

House Democrats are shameless. But with these violations of rights, they’ve reached new lows in an already low process.

It’s time to stop Adam Schiff. It’s time to move on from this witch hunt. And then it’s time to fix the rules and laws that govern our privacy so Americans can feel safe in knowing their information and rights are being protected.

Republican Rand Paul represents Kentucky in the United States Senate. He is the author of "The Case Against Socialism"(Broadside Books, October 15, 2019).


See you in court!!!


Personally, I'd just kick the Schit outta Schiff!!!


User Comments

What the democrats (COMMUNISTS) are doing is exactly what every other communist takeover has done. Why does only the smart half of the country see it?

I THINK THOSE WHO are so ADAMANT  about TRUMPS IMPEACHMENT , might be suffering from a mental condition.  I am serious, they are mentally incompetent.DERANGED and probably shouldnt be in the positions they are in. Starting with Peloski.

They know that if Trump gets another term, they'll be in prison. The democrat party is a wounded dog.

 Those Dems are so desperate.

...they thrash about as though they're drowning. They really look pathetic.

 Do you ever wonder how the kids will turn out with liberal teachers and having liberal parents?

NOPE... we're witnessing it... examples everywhere. {#basic-laugh.gif}

 You know those parents are most likely dragging their kids into hell with them.


Why aren't ALL the Conservatives mobilized by their leaders into the streets to both stop these shenanigans and to put the thugs in jail?  Why are they putting up with the thugs?  The fact that they are doing practically nothing but jaw-flapping is exactly why the DEM horses**t has esclated to this level of despicable action and its idiocy.

Nunes, Gowdy, Jordan? The dems control the House, they set the rules. We MUST remove them all at the ballot box.

The Republican public is busy working to support the freebie loving democrats, we seldom take to the streets. Stay FOCUSED on who the TRUE enemy is rather than picking at our own.

I AM NOT calling the repubs 'enemy'!!!

Just wonder why they are so meek.  I think that's what got us to 'here'...so, why not try to change their minds a bit about letting the Dems constantly steamroller them ?    Seems sensible. No?

Think about it... the Republicans don't have the MEDIA as a MEXAPHONE. It's quite the opposite, the media censors and mutes the Republicans.

STAY FOCUSED! Keep your eyes on the BIG PICTURE! DON"T get distracted. If you've got names, name 'em. Put your broad brush away and leave "Republicans" out of your vocabulary when you're frustrated and feel like voicing that frustration over the lack of progress. There are some "r" repulicans standing in the way... one parasite that comes to mind is mit romney, anothers are former Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, Maine Senator Susan Collins, Vermont Governor Phil Scott, OTHERS

Obviously we disagree about a lot of that.  You think I am wrong/closed I think the same of you.

Can we come to any part of consensus?  For, obvious, the repub voters have not been paying much attention.  Reliable polls after O was elected proved that waaaay to many repubs stayed home because they didn't want Romney, either!

Basically, I am talking about the mere peeps in among Repubs ...the majority of the peeps in the low ranks (citizens) being asleep and...  

Apparently you think I am speaking directly and only about the leadership.  I am not.  But some of leadership could get their act together a bit more.

{#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} {#angry.gif} Personally, I'd like to watch when Schiff get's the crap beat out of him!!


Come again?????  It ought to be open to the public!!


Ya got a good point there. {#basic-cool.gif}

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