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Bill Gates has put his stamp of approval on the Corona vaccine...

Added: Tuesday, November 24th 2020 at 9:43am by OpinionNateTed


...now I feel a lot better.  {#dancing6.gif}


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Looks more like he might of taken a shot from Dr. Feelgood. {#happy.gif}

Wudda creep!!! With his endorsement of the vaccine, I'm less likely to get the vaccine. 

I have never liked Gates. He always has that sh!t eatin' grin on his face. I'm on blogdter, yet not on the Who's Online.  Guess that means I'm ghosting {#confused.gif}

...for some reason I can't spell blogster*, sheesh!

That is very weird.

Ken, its just odd....

It has to be great since he approved it...who asked him anyway

Yeah, did he give them the formula?

Probably so..LOL  You wait, I saw something that said that the side effects would probably be worse that the illness.  So this will be their game plan now, you wait see.

He's big on population control, so......................


Nate can I stick my foot in tht P's face?  THE EVILMISTER HIMSELF


Permission granted!!!

Oh bullcrap... I wouldnt listen to him, he just wants to get richer. What happened to all the hoopla about there being some sort of chip in them? Remember, hearing about that. Now crickets.

I wonder if he had anything to do with the development of the vaccine... or did he already have it and gave them the formula. 

I just read something about this, but I cant remember if they mentioned this or not.

Bill Gates was funding the lab where Covid came from. 

ok, thanks.

Bill Gates is a bleeding-heart liberal moron. 

...with way too much money. 

From what company?  I hope not "Warp Speed"  Phizer's putting that out, should be ready by next month.

I don't trust anything he puts his tag on.

Not sure which company, or if it's all of the ones set to be approved. I don't trust him on anything. 

Bill Gates is REALLY s l i m y   ...

I haven't trusted him since the days of S-100 Buss and stolen "windows" from Apple.

 P L U S :

Bill Gates is a bleeding-heart liberal moron.

https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/no-the-great-reset-isnt-a-conspiracy-theory-its-happening-before-our-eyes/ FYI I read this quickly but it does give you an idea of the communistic global reset and what they want for us and it’s nothing good. Don’t stop fighting for freedom

That link disappears before I can read any of it. 

Move on you won’t learn truth here or on any tv news station ever

I'm not into being vaccinated by anybody for anything but if it will keep me from having to wear masks, social distance, etc. I might consider it.

Here's the url, coded.  Takes you right there, and it's a long read.

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