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Biden's COMMUNIST pick...

Added: Tuesday, December 1st 2020 at 5:16am by OpinionNateTed

Jen Psaki, who was named to serve as President-elect Biden's White House press secretary...

Jen Psaki with Russian counterpartMaria Zakharova, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Paris



ер Псаки, Мария Захарова, Джо





Hey, remember this sleazebag?

Left Hypocrisy: Russia, Partner Under Obama, Is Now an Enemy | National Review
"After the election, I'll have more leeway on policy"

Dmitry Medvedev met with American President Barack Obama • President of Russia

Obama, Medvedev Seal Successful 'Reset' With Burgers And Fries

Obama Caught Reassuring Russia's Medvedev - YouTube
Oh boy... obama in the back seat of a limo... 


Jen Psaki began her career in 2001 with the re-election campaigns of Iowa Democrats Tom Harkin for the U.S. Senate and Tom Vilsack for governor. Psaki then became deputypresssecretaryfor John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign. From 2005 to 2006, Psaki served as communications director to U.S. Representative Joseph Crowley and regional press secretary for theDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Psaki with Russian counterpartMaria Zakharova, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Paris, January 13, 2014

Throughout the 2008 presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Barack Obama, Psaki served as traveling press secretary. AfterObamawontheelection, Psaki followed Obama to theWhite House as Deputy Press Secretary and was promoted to Deputy Communications Director on December 19, 2009. On September 22, 2011, Psaki left this position to become senior vice president and managing directoratthe Washington, D.C., office of public relations firm Global Strategy Group.

In 2012, Psaki returned to political communications as press secretary for President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign. On February 11, 2013, Psaki became spokesperson for the United States Department of State. Her hiring at the Department of State fueled speculation that she would replaceWhite House Press Secretary Jay Carney when he left the White House, but, on May 30, 2014, it was announced that Josh Earnest would replace Carney. In 2015, she returned to the White House as communications director and stayed through the end of the Obama administration.

On February 7, 2017, Psaki began working as a political commentator on CNN.

In November 2020, Psaki left CNN and joined the Biden-Harris transition team.

On November 29, 2020, Psaki was named White House Press Secretary for the Biden administration.

User Comments

...count the communists in that first photo. {#basic-undecided.gif}

The decent, reasonable people of this country are 50 years too late to try to rescue our country from the communists.

In addition, there are too many judges, governors and state legislators that will not except the verifiable proof of voter fraud that is presented to them.

Soros paid for the elections of those judges for the very reasons we're seeing Trump's lawsuits being rejected. 

So-called "Republicans" are among our greatest enemies.

Stealth... and McCain was at the top of the list. "r"

Barr now says there was no voter fraud. From the beginning Trump has surrounded himself with backstabbers.

It's astonishing that he was able to get anything done.

For the past century, people have been placed in positions of power while hiding their true intentions. They nibbled and gnawed away at our rights and freedoms without it being noticed... "for the greater good". Everything they've done had a purpose, but never what they claimed. Eliminating God from the equation... then our God given inalienable rights become government given rights, fluid "rights" susceptible to change. Remove all standards of acceptable behavior (based on the 10 Commandments) and create gray area excuses for bad behavior (crimes). Now they can call destructive, violent uprising "mostly peaceful protests". 

...my rant could go on, but you know it all already. 

I'm not surprised, after all he's also a commie.

The democrat party is overrun with communists. 

We need someone like Herbert Hoover as FBI director again.He had all kinds of people under watch. Many were celebs too. 

Both the FBI and the CIA are controlled by Deep State now.

I know and it is sickening and that big headed Lurch Kerry, right back in there again.Biden must not of been able to do any better.

If this country survives another 4 yrs. We can sit make and ridicule everything the left does wrong and trust me, there will be plenty of unsavory deals going on behind the scenes. Biden will get richer.

His cabinet picks alone are enough to scare the shit out of anyone with a brain. In 4 years, Biden can do enough damage that we'll never recover. 

BTW... Biden isn't doing ANY of the picking and choosing, he's being ordered to pick certain people. The goal is to bankrupt America. I guarantee that. 

Your right, look at what Obama did to ruin this country and try as hard as he could to divide, the blacks and the whites.

Oh that is right, he is a puppet. He has the title, but not the job. How can someone be happy with themselves, in knowing they never won by being  honest, they are about as low as low can get.

AND now we know why Hunter is the punk that he is. Look, at who his crooked daddy is. 

Jill Bidens ex husband claims that Biden and her had an affair while she was still married to him. Now son Hunter dont roam to far away from the homestead, so he takes up with his dead brothers wife. What a bunch of morally bankrupt family. Poster children for a dysfunctional family.

They don't care how they "win" they just laugh about what they pulled off. Now the Hunter Biden investigation will just go away.

Oh, you ought to listen to and watch the saintly picture that PBS paints of Biden... it's nauseating. He walks on water.

I have a friend, that I love dearly. We have been friends for over ,. 40 yrs. Whenever he hears anything negative about Biden, he claimes "False News, False News". He doesnt even take the time to research it. NOW, if he hears anything negative about Trump, from his frame of mind, it is the truth. Trump to him is the evil one. 

Whereas , I will consider and research it before I pass judgement. Where there is smoke there is fire. I feel that Hunter Biden did do all that he is being accused of. He is supposed to be a user, a user will do anything to get their next fix.

There's actual proof of their crimes but they keep denying it exists. They then shift the focus to their fabricated, faux Trump "crimes", then they magnify those faux crimes and keep repeating their accusations. The msm backs them up on all of it. 

In the Book, about END Times. The Anti Christ was named Nicoli, if my memory serves me correct. What sticks out about this scenario is he could do no wrong. He actually , shot and killed a man in a meeting with all kinds of people, such as Congress, etc. there to witness this. The only ones that saw this were the ones who were Christians, the rest Non believers saw this man do nothing wrong, even though it happened right in front of them. This is what is going on right now.

It is being done right before our eyes and the sheep see nothing, hear nothing,  There candidates do nothing wrong . Amazing.

They simply call it something else. "Woe is he who calls good evil, and evil good."

I was sitting here listening to the news throw all this stuff out there about the virus. Now, if this is true that Fauci and Obama went to China, to the lab, where this stuff is made and this was released on the people of the world to cleanse the herd, so to speak. I wonder how these same people that voted for these crooks would feel if one of their loved ones contacted this and expired. Would they still follow them, like sheep being led to the slaughter house??? Idiots???

I just cannot wrap my mind around people supporting EVIL as they do. Education is the key to success, if this is true. How the heck did these people make it through school?

The first step to get people to follow them WAS to get rid of Prayer. Next, the Pledge, With those two major things out of the way. Now, get everything, 10 Commandments, anything if reference to God, cleared out . The welfare programs were a big help to create kids with no daddy, and a mama who has no respect for herself to keep on popping kids out without holding the daddy responsible. Some woman are so desperate for a man, that she doesnt care what label she wears, just to keep those checks coming and the man having sex with her. Pathetic. And the rest is History.

Wonder why, we dont get some more comments on this subject? 

Covid is a good crisis they won't let go to waste. They're ever tying it to "Climate Change" and BLM ...wth!!!

Removing all things related to God, including the Ten Commandments, allows them to eliminate our God given, inalienable rights. Abortion or, MURDER, can then be "justified" as a "right" for a woman to "choose" MURDERING her unborn child.   

I know it has been said before and nothing materialized, but I do feel this is the beginning of the "End". Signs have been given to us in the past, that are written about, and things still have to come into play, but I feel , it is happening.

End Times... we're living it.

Good Morning, how do you feel today?

Yes, we are.

I'm still congested... other than that, I'm OK. 

Glad to hear you are mending.

Well, not really... in the past week+ I've only gone to the Circle K to buy milk. 

Sometimes after being sick, it does take awhile to get back to norma.

I thought I would be dead before this all went to Hell, but it appears I'm now watching the beginnings of it.

Ya know, I thought I would've been dead before the shit hit the fan too. And here we are... spectators... knowing that we were right all along. Listening to the babble of the useful idiots.

I agree 100% with all that has been said here, I would only be repeating what has already been said..

What a fucking nightmare..

A Biden presidency would be just that. He would hand America off to the highest bidder... probably China, but he and the democrat party would definitely go the full-on communist route. 

Yep, I agree totally..

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