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Added: Sunday, February 16th 2020 at 8:56am by OpinionNateTed



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Oh... it went over my head. 

Then I remembered that Monday is a federal holiday...

President's day... 

I forgot too... retirement will do that to ya!!! {#basic-wink.gif}

haha........ Do you know what I did? Well.....am going to tell you anyway. lol

Last night on FB. they were putting pics up of some people that I might be  friends with.  I noticed they were Trump supporters. I started putting out friend requests and they kept accepting me. Now today, I am the one getting more requests from other supporters. 

I am gearing up for election. Now, that I have got my Trump supporters to back me, Let the libbys bring it on. lol


 Ya know, the democrat party is... withering on the vine. The DNC knows it, but I'm not quite so sure that the democrat voters realize it yet.

Invest in Kleenex stocks. {#dancing6.gif}

  Geeshhh, I didnt know there were so many Trump fans on fb. Amazing, how the media misleads everyone.

Kleenex stock, good idea.lol

 He never gives up, does he??? Him and a few others are obsessed. lol

The LEFTIST media actually thinks they can fool us. The only ones they've fooled are the fools on the left. 

 I know, and remember the Republicans, Christians, Conservatives , according, to the so called educated genius's said that we were stupid. BUT they never thought that the "Truth" might get in their way and bring them down...

They were blinded by EVIL..............

...professional LOSERS {#rofl.gif}

 IS is true what was posted on fb that Bloomburg, is thinking of asking Hilly to be his vice president??? What a sorry bunch.

Hillary owns the DNC... she'll never go away... unless she dies. 

 If someone would stand up against her, make a case and get her conviced, they might be a hero. Hopefully, a live hero.

convicted. Sorry.

To be "a live hero" is the trick. {#basic-cool.gif}

 I bet old Billyboy was petrified when he kept getting caught about his womanizing. 

 He is lucky that she didnt Lorena Bobbit him. One whack and Billys lovelife would of been over with. OUCH!!!

She probably didn't really care since she had her own lesbian lifestyle going on. That marriage was purely for convenience.

 Why  not? They are fake everything else. Another one for the party. What a wasted life, it is all about POWER. Now I understand why, humans only use so much of our brains. We werent meant to think we were higher than God, which is what I think hilly thinks she is. This kingdom is owed to her. 

Saul Alinsky shaped the democrat (COMMUNIST) party in the US.

Hillary and obama are hardcore Alinskyites.

 To me hilly is a traitor. Obama tried his best to bring this country down and failed Both of them shouldnt be allowed to be in this coutry. I keep thinking of Benghazi.

"traitors" sums them up perfectly.

 I thought so. lol



I doubt Trump actually said that. 

@Amala. Very astute, Amala. Actually this is a paraphrase with certain  colorful, descriptive adjectives ahead of the a** word deleted. 🤓

 ...try and play along. {#basic-wink.gif}

Rumor that Bloomberg wants Hillary as VP; I would be very careful about that! She would only be one bullet away from the presidency! (Just as LBJ was!

Ya got that right. {#thumbs_up.gif}

Hahahahaha  love it..



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