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Scarly - Damn You Oakey!

Added: Sunday, October 18th 2020 at 5:35am by Oakie2012


User Comments

Just noticed. Scarly looks an awful lot like Joe Biden in this 'toon. Giggle!

Oh my god. Genius. Pokey looks fucking brilliant. Nothing else to say, is there. Well done, infinity of stars Oak, yadayadayada...


Hehe! I think Pokey looks a little like Farrah Fawcett.

brandchannel: A Proust Questionnaire for Personality Brands: Farrah Fawcett

..... having a really lousy day.


I don't merely expect, no, I DEMAND to see that pokey going after everything and everyone worth going after.

People adapt, don't they? Especially re hair. I used to be a rocker with hair down to my jeans. Short haird people made assumptions about me, as did long haird. When I shaved my head, ethnics looked at me all funny like. I think your personality can change with your hair. If it greys, that affects you. If it shrinks, it changes things. 

I've known profoundly intelligent women become dumber after they dyed their hair blonde. One told me "I felt like I'd sold out, but I really loved the extra attention".

Hair is probably our most important feature. Probably the first thing we notice about anyone else. 

Scarly has massive hair, but is petite. She's basically a wig with feet. Giggle.

And Pokey, I think, has a similar hair style as you. And a stache. But you strike me as loud. And he strikes me as quiet. And that shows in the eyes, in the offline world. 

I wish the lad was happier, but like most of us, he's largely fucked.

Loud? Ever-zealous probably fits better. Others struggle to figure out what I'm on about. I do too. Posted something today.  

Hair is probably our most important feature

Eyes. In my mind I've done the most terrible things imaginable more times than any would care to tally. It's in my eyes. I'm handsome, so I am, but these eyes...next person who tells me "Smile" will unbeknownst be very fortunate that I'm not eager to be incarcerated.

Sorry for Scarly having to appear in public without hair...lol. But this is funny.....{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}


And she didn't even notice she lost part of her legs.

Er, she was actually kneeling down. She has very slim legs. {#basic-undecided.gif}

wow, looked to me like her legs were cut off.  I can't imagine Scarly kneeling for any reason.

He's being cheeky. Only chemo or nuclear war would do that to her hair, right? So it's chemo. Which made her lose part of her legs; hence the new stumps. And that's her butt cheeks hanging down. It really is. He fooled you but he can't fool me. Look at the image again...do I ever lie?

Poor Scarly, what else is he not telling us?

MC She's kneeling down. When you kneel down, your lower legs disappear. Its no more sinister than that.

Scarly wasn't bald because I gave her cancer that needed chemo. She was bald because I deleted her hair. 

I'm getting made out to be really evil by everyone over this, when I was actually only slightly evil.

What else? Scarly's favourite sandwhich filling is guinea pig meat.

I brought the cheek-ridden harpy to her knees for her wanton insolence.

(Several minutes later)

Please don't tell her I said that. She'll bifurcate me!

{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}  Well, when she starts taking you down a notch, don't come running to me, I ain't in it. 


really evil and really good are one and the same.

Stobbit. You jesting? At any rate I'm wondering if that's not delicious. And rough on the kidneys.

Worried GIF - Find on GIFER

Scarly looks quite fetching, very streamlined.  

Hair is bullshit, anyway.  My hair used to just hold me back, but now I can rob people and run away without worrying about them grabbing my hair and pulling me back.


You could have greased your hair and escaped as easily whilst looking cool like the Fonz.


Women. Bane of my effin'life.

Those pesky muslims of which evidently your Birmingham has no shortage...the men of that tribe do seem rather fond of each other. Jus' sayin'

There are almost as many atheists/agnostics in Birmingham as Muzzy Wuzzies.

Chemotherapy is awful I highly recommend juggling snakes instead. At least I don't have to wax. 

I only deleted the hair on your head. The rest is your own private business, tee hee!

You melted the left side of her crown. You did. I see it. You totally chemo'd her. You are a horror. But keep it up. 

I had electrolysis on that. 

I wasn't just thinking about "that". What about "those" under arms?

Would you ever go blokey-lezzo and just let them grow out?

They've been zapped too. 

Er, you don't happen to have one of those hairy blonde arses do you? That, in the right light make you look a bit like a polar bear?

Zapped as well? 

Ah that's fine then.{#basic-laugh.gif}

No what's it like - does it keep you warm but single at night? 

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