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OSL - Team Pokey's Lousy Week

Added: Sunday, February 17th 2019 at 11:31am by Oakie2012

Bloody furious was how Pokey Banana described himself after his side was beaten 0-3 at home by Turmoil DeRangers. Admitedly, they had little luck. The first goal was a penalty from Kaka, after Stanwick had clearly fouled Romario OUTSIDE the penatly area. The third goal was a horrible deflection that gave goalie Ray Hearth no chance. And Pokinho hit the bar against his former club. Though Romario's goal was a sweet hit at a time when TP were pressing hard. Overall though this was a poor performace by the Yellows, against a TDR side that seem to be getting back to form having won their last four.

TDR's Romario's shot deflects off Bastin to kill off Team Pokey in the 0-3 loss

The writing was on the wall last week when TP went to Pokey Leek Farms, who are bottom of the league with only two points, and let a 2-0 lead slip. Though Pokinho did grab a winner in that game to take his team third. Their highest postion for a season and a half.

To lose to one of the big sides is bad enough. But then TP were humiliated 3-2 at a Blackmore Ravens side that had never beaten them before. OK, this is the best Blackmore side for years, under manager Dave Mackay. And they number veteren Michel Platini amongst their summer recruits. Even so, Ravens are still a bottom six side. 

Pokey's top scorer Neo Rasberry had put the Yellows 2-1 up but a late collapse rounded off an awful week for Pokey Banana's team. 

Despite a good start to the season, it has become clear that Llandudno side doesn't have enough punch up front. Bergkamp is on the wane. Jeff Butler is useful but not prolific, Chrissie James and Craig Rasberry are ones for the future, and Neo Rasberry is impressive but can't do it all by himself. Also, there is a problem of the left wing. Highly rated Wales international Oscar Williams has been continually disappointing and its still four weeks before Luca Valli will be back from injury. But there is one piece of good news. Pokey Banana himself has recovered from a recurring injury, and will be available from now on. He might not be the player that he was, but he may well still be useful as an impact player and on-field motivatior.

Could Louis Van Gaal become the first coach to win the OSL title with two different sides? He won the league with Oakie United last season and his new club Mavericks Wave are two points ahead of the Stoke team as I write. Mavericks have had a great start to the season, apart from a 5-0 loss at Wicked Witches. This makes Cass Cors recent 0-6 win at Wicked seem all the more remarkable.


TABLE (Played 14)

34 Mavericks Wave

32 Oakie United

27 Mystical Dragons

26 Cass Corinthians

26 Enchanted Panthers

25 Team Pokey

20 Turmoil DeRangers


Meanwhile, in division 2, OSL's most successful manager Oak Oakington saw his team bounce back after the horrendous 0-2 loss at home to lowly Fontaine United. Despite the fact that that was only his side's second loss in nine games, the other seven won, it started mutterings of Oakington getting the sack again. But an easy win at Legends, 3-1, got Herbs Hotspur back on track. Even so, Hotspur lie 7th, and the top three, Pokey FU, Pokey City and Pokey Athletic all keep on winning.

User Comments

How very disappointing.  And I was expecting such a positive report given your blog title.  Lousy means good, right?

I think I know what the problem is.  I've been suffering with flu since Thursday and clearly my absence from training has hindered the team.  They're lost without me yelling at them and throwing my shoes at their faces.

Mid table ain't so bad, anyway.

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