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Added: Tuesday, October 8th 2019 at 1:37am by Oakie2012

User Comments

Good voice and liked the images.

You are so nice Sceney!

now, don't go and try to ruin my reputation...lol

You are a God damn angel! For Chrissocks!

Animation budget is a little higher than mine, but I feel my cartoons have more soul.

Yeah, I get that. The Killers portray all kinds of Western shinanighans, but their soul quotient is probably pretty low.

My favorite by The Killers.


Yeah, love this pumped up version!


Spose this is who they really are, at their most Killian

I'd like a Killian's Red Irish Ale about now, and I don't usually care much for beer, lol.


Oh, you reddish Celtic lady! Sounds like a proper brew to me!



'ello, handsome.

Trying to snag a few moments for myself here, only succeeding occasionally...

Always love to hear from you! Always on  your side.

No truly good news to share, but maybe a bit hopeful, we'll see.

Been meaning to write about a memory, but at this point it ain't looking likely because it's after 1 AM and I have a breakfast date with my mother, still need to shower and do my nails, too...it's hard work not scaring little children at my age.

My eyes falsely advertise that I've been boxing without gloves, dark circles which only become raccoon-like if any attempt to camouflage them is attempted; resulting in reverse dark circles reminiscent of Trump's Chump L'Orange pallete if only I were peachy hued instead of pink.)

Sunny day tomorrow, if I had contacts I'd wear shades.

~bursts into song~

"I study nuclear science, I love my classes..."


Image result for blues brothers meme


I've got a crazy teacher that wears dark glasses!

You and Illmind's tough times. Not good.

I presume you are the slimmer of the two in the above pic.

Had a re-romance re cigs a few days ago. Twenty years after giving them up. Smoking one would have made 2 minutes of my life heavenly.

And ruined every other minute of my life.

Hope things do get hopeful for you!

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