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Kholat 2 - Vital Forensic Fact

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, September 11th 2019 at 7:23am by Oakie2012

Image result for dyatlov pass victims

When attempting to assess what has led to a person or persons deaths, we should try to jettison speculation and wild theories and focus on scientifically provable facts. And there is one such vital fact that is not mentioned on Wiki or in the videos I posted last time. It comes from the assessment of the coroner who did the autopsy on the student's bodies and is referred to on an excellent website that looks at the case based on the official reports.


When a person dies the heart ceases to pump blood around the body and instead gravity takes hold of the blood. The upper part of the body becomes pallid and bloodless and the lower part is gorged with blood, turning it a darker colour. This process is known as Livor Mortis.

Photographs of the deceased students show them in situ as they were dug out of the snow. The search party photographed each one in the way that they were found. The coroner will have had access to these photos as part of his investigation, and he will have known which part of each individual Livor Mortis should have shown itself in. So he was surprised to find that some of the students Livor Mortis at the top, not the bottom of their bodies. Which could only mean one thing. They had been moved after death.

A bright, even bananary, soul might immediately shout "yeah, course! The other students rolled them over as they removed some of their clothing to add to their own!"

But this is irrelevant, because all the deaths occurred within a few hours of each other (hardly suprising considering the temparatures) and it takes Livor Mortis a good 8 hours to settle in properly. By which time all nine were long dead. 

So someone or something else moved some of the students dead bodies. For some reason.

Initially I felt that these kids had died because of misadventure. But the above scientific fact does lend some credence to the idea of foul play occuring. 

However, there were only the nine tracks of the students themselves. No other tracks, right?

Well, Yuri Yudin, the hiker who left the party due to illness just before they went on their way, was with the search party and he and another searcher felt that they had found the distinct marking of a heel amongst the student's tracks. The kind a Russian soldier's boot might make. This was referred to the lead investigator Lev Ivanov, but he neglected to mention it in his official report.

Then there were TWO photographs that add to the mystery. 

What do you see? Not a lot, I know. It looks to most people like three heads in the midst of a very bright light in the sky.

The next photo is much more interesting and was the last that the group took that has survived.

What do you see? Personally, I see an out of focus image of a man shining a torch at the person taking the photo. This is NOT a blurred image as has been stated. At the top there is a clearly defined line. You can make out all the facial features. Eyes, nose, mouth, beard, sideburn, ear. The individual appears to be wearing a helmet. The headwear is nothing like any of the clothing of any of the students depicted in the many photos of the expedition. The left side of the face is obscurred by the residue of the torch's movement.  Initially I had only seen a small version of this image and it looked like a blur. This larger version is much more revealling and many other people see the face that leapt out at me on first viewing at this size.

However, if this individual was up to no good, wouldn't he have immediately confiscated the camera?

Cameras. According to the photos that the group took, there were at least three cameras. Yet only two were ever found. And, strangely, when the students apparently left the safety of the tent, one of the lads picked up his camera instead of his boots and clothes. Why do you take a camera with you? To record things. What was it that he felt was so important to record? More important even than life saving clothing? Unfortunately, the elements destroyed whatever was on the roll of film.

From cameras to diaries. There was the official group diary which they all filled in. But there was another one, attributed by the authorities to Zina Kolmogorova. However her friends and family denied that the writing in it was in her handwriting. And Yuri Yudin, and others, stated that Alexander Kolevatov definitely took a diary with him but it apparently was not found.

Then there are the puttees. These were strips of cloth wrapped around the lower leg by soldiers for support and protection. Though they ceased to be used officially by any army by about 1945 as it took time to wind them around the leg and they were linked to poor hygiene. A puttee was found close to the first two studen't bodies and a puttee was found close by the student's tent. Were these used unofficially by soldiers as extra protection from the cold? Or could they have been left behind by soldiers of a previous time?

What I mean by that is that there were concentration camps all over Siberia. And there was one fairly near to the Dyatlov Pass. Whilst no escapes occurred at the time of the Dyatlov Incident, some think it possible that some hardy escapees from a previous escape may have holed up in the area. Without access to modern day communications they would not have known that Stalinism was over. Stalin had instigated a witch-hunt against all those that had spoken out against him and his regime, many of whom had been front line troops who then ended up in the camps. Could an old soldier or two have been discovered by the group who then forced them into the winter cold to die, so that they would remain undiscovered?

Also, one of the students had a cracked skull. Why has never been explained. He died of hypothermia not of that head injury. Can you crack your skull on snow?

Unfortunately, the more you look at this case the further away from an answer to the mystery you seem to get as more and more potential occurances rise up.

The lost camera and diary may simply be down to police incompetance or theft, the puttees may well have been left long before the students arrived at the pass, the photos do not prove anything, but the science does say that some of the students bodies were moved after death. Flipped over, or relocated.

A second excellent website has many photos of the Dylatov Incident and the ensuing rescue search. Hey, there's even a piccy of a Yeti.


Yeah, that's not a guy in a balaclava and thick jacket is it!

The local Mansi people profoundly believe in the Yeti. They have never yet seen one, but they have had their livestock attacked by them. (Bears, I reckon). Then they believe in a lot of things that the unsciency tend to. Really, could the Yeti have attacked the students without leaving a single footprint? Hehe!

Finally, and very curiously, mysterious lights. Turns out there was a huge amount of military activity in the approximate area of Dyatlov Pass for a few years. Many many sightings of strange lights. A rail track that went into the side of a hill that had no opening, restricted areas, potential rocket tests and those parachute mines. The students had lost their bearings and strayed closer towards the areas where these things occurred. However, they were still not in an officially restricted area. Though the pass became officially restricted after the students died, for three years. And, it was re-opened around the same time as all military activity was apparently closing down in the area for good.

But yes, curious lights. Very, very, curious lights. Quotes:

The recollection of a Colonel of Railway Troops, Kupriyanov, related by Mikhail Vladimirov:

“On New Year’s Eve of 1960, all of us hikers met in the house of Colonel Kupriyanov, the father of our classmate, Rita Kupriyanova.

The conversation turned to the dead tourists from the Polytechnic Institute once again. The Colonel told us in secret, that when all the search parties left the area of the incident, soldiers from his regiment arrived there. One night, a sergeant reports on the R/T:    

“A fireball is rolling down the mountain. It is dividing into several balls, and all of them are heading for us. What should we do?”

“Act as is appropriate.”

The soldiers hid in their tent and survived. However, they suffered from severe nervous shock.”



"On September 11th, 2002, mining master Yuri Yakimov came across something in the woods while working the night shift at the Ivdel bauxite quarry. What seemed at first to be a powerful searchlight apparatus swaying in the trees, suddenly began to show signs of intelligent life: the source of the light somehow “sensed” Yakimov’s gaze, and immediately turned to face him. However, as soon as Yakimov averted his eyes from the object, the beam, in turn, withdrew.

Then, a few “lanterns” separated from the searchlight and started to approach him quickly. As soon as Yakimov would turn away, the lights would suspend their motion. Deciding not to tempt fate, Yakimov retreated. 

Shortly before that, in August, the ranger of the national park, “Denezkhin Kamen”, Valentin Rudkovskiy observed a whole cycle of “work” of some “light unit”. Just as in Yakimov’s case, it was reacting to his look and sending off rapidly moving “flashlights”. After hiding from the “unit” behind a large log for four hours, the ranger saw it “turning off” with an electric crackle, followed by a strong gust of wind."



Since the time of the search party operation, there were rumors of a secret training ground located somewhere near the site of the Dyatlov Incident. Locals still relate legends of meetings with military patrols in the middle of the taiga, holes in the hillsides sealed with concrete, and the sound of a train that comes from under the ground in the woods.

Of all the physical evidence, there is only a strange railway line near the village of Polunochnoye that heads straight for a slope; debris of missiles found by Lednyov, a hunter, in the Kholat-Syakhyl region a few years after the Incident; and some old photos of large square clearings in the backwoods.

At least three accounts add up for the “military version”. Search party member Syunikayev’s recount of the bombardment in the early days of the search; Tempalov, Prosecutor of Ivdel (a former artillery officer) who noticed suspicious bomb craters on the opposite slope of Kholat-Syakhyl from helicopter; and the runaround A.P. Kirilenko gave to the next of kin, when he advised them to go get their pensions “from the military”.


Even if the kids did stumble upon some secret military base, were they really then effectively executed by being forced out into the elements? Soviet rule was often known to be ruthless and counter-productive for ordinary citizens.

And, rightly, we come back to the tent being torn from the inside, which ought to be the key to the whole thing. What if it was a red herring, faked by the military to give the impression of death by misadventure? Something IN the tent, rather than OUTSIDE of the tent to blame for their demise? The picture of the tent upon its finding clearly shows NO STOVE. The assumption that the stove filled the tent with smoke is just that. An assumption. But this is what the search party actually found. (Photo below)
And surely the diagram (which is the opposite way around to the photo) of the condition of the tent drawn by an investigator would have mentioned the stove had it been directly connected to the tent. 

Perhaps the proceedure was to have the "chimney" of the stove peeping out of the front of the tent whilst food was cooking, but when the food had been cooked, they probably disconnected it and place it away from the tent for obvious safety reasons. 

With all this new information, some of it fact, some of it speculation, it appears that the military may well have inadvertantly or deliberately caused the deaths of the young skiiers. Though this is far from conclusive. 

But the military were clearly very active in the area for many years, some of the student's bodies were moved by someone unknown after death, one of the students had an unexplainable headwound, they left the safety of the tent to walk to their almost certain deaths, which seems extrordinary, and there were strange lights in the area where strange lights have caused soldiers and other professional individuals to largely shit themselves. 

I dunno. Poser, innit?

User Comments


I don't know, Oak.  I just simply don't know.

If I knew, I would say, but I don't know.  I just don't.  

I wouldn't put anything past the Russian military.  They'd kill their own citizens if they thought they might leak a secret, especially during cold war times.

Hell, I think OUR military would kill us if we stumbled into a secret base or something and the government would cover it up.


I was hoping you would know, Pokey.

Are there any other mysteries that we can put our heads together with and fail to solve?

Or an American base.

Hey, the governments of the world will release a virus to kill everyone anyway after the environment goes tits up. Or maybe a zombie virus that makes the undead eat the dead and the living. Leaving eveywhere nice and tidy, apart from one fat zombie at the end. Who one of Trump's descendants will then execute personally.

There are tons of mysteries out there, mostly women who go missing.  Not much mystery there, kidnapped raped and murdered.  Not fun mysteries like Dylatov. 

On e most jobs are automated te rich elites won't need us and will have to kill us off before we reveal due to hunger.  How will they do it?  Virus probably.  One they have the cure for.

They won't need a cure with a synthetic virus. Make it "optimal" for a fortnight, make it breath or touch based, and that will be enough to wipe out everyone other than firmly ensconsed rich bastards, and rogue angry loners.

Personally, I'm buying in a ton of tinned noodles from Tesco right now and not going out for 28 years. 

Or an American base.

It boggles the mine that South Korea and Japan have yet to kick out the American military. It's weird that my country has military bases anywhere except the States and NATO countries. Well, not weird at all really, if you think in terms of Eisenhower's words of warning about the so-called military-industrial complex.


They're scared of China, that's why they let the America stay.

Aparently there are 37 McDonalds for every US military base abroad.

Hey, the guys gotta eat somehow!

China is already looking like a dead Peking duck.

Japan took Western ideas and improved upon them. Financial boom.

China steals Western ideas, ignores patent laws, pretends to be Communist when its an C18th Capitalist level entitiy, so yeah, its making money now. But its not inventing ANYTHING (what the British Industrial Rev was ALLLLLL about) its not creative, its just stealing. It builds buildings that fall down like they were made of sugar rather than concrete, it does everything on the cheap, everying is all about profit. It has become the most cynically capitalist country in the world, but it is trying to run before it can even crawl. 

China is a fucking mess. It thinks its Jail House Rock Elvis, when real its toilet death Elvis. 

It is a nation that NEVER follows through. They invented gunpowder and made fireworks, not cannon. They invented the printing press, but had a language where every word was a bleedin' unique illustration.  14 million "letters" in their alphabet. They needed a typewriter the size of a castle.

OK, I grant you, the Forbidden Palace. The engineering behind that was sheer genius. But, that was down to an ingenious engineer, not down to the vain bastard emperor. 

Those that rule China will never ever rule more than China. 

Oh, and btw! Check out all the truly shit video games coming out of China. Formulaic stuff, mainly stolen from Japan. No orginiality, no innovation, but tons and tons of the same fucking shite, with the same three or four limited concepts. Its almost like they went out into the country side and picked out the most inbred China hicks and made them senior game designers. But pumped a ton of Yen into those projects. 

There was a time when women who sold their favours were considered whores. But now, prettymuch anyone who gets out of bed in the morning in a major Chinese city will have a righteous surname ending in -Ho.

Yeah, China's shit.  They have no creativity, it's all squeezed out of them at birth and they grow up to become drones.  They could never make Pokey the Angry Banana.  More like Chen the Obeidient Rhubarb.

Please do a vid where you meet Chen the Obedient Rhubard.{#apploud.gif}

He could turn up with his good pal Ding the conformist noodle and Dong the pliant porn star.

Those that rule China will never ever rule more than China. 

I think so too. China? Please fuck off, thanks.

14 million "letters" in their alphabet.

Those are ideograms. It's the way you say an ideogram that defines it, right? So if everything is merely an idea....no innovation. I bet the way to say "homosexual" is something like a string of "not yet" + "man" + "woman" + "La Croix" {#basic-laugh.gif}

They have at least two idiot grams for homosexual.

And at least 5 idiot grams for anything to do with food.

Cox. You are a bright guy and you are technically adept.

But, as the world gets more insane, we ordinaires will have to find a way of coping in increasingly extreme circumstances. I know you get that.

You mean extraordinaires.

I was wondering how the populace of San Luis Obispo would react were I to go about downtown bearing this myth-busting placard:

"100% gay and 100% not into your 14 year old son. Kinda sketchy about your 33 year old too...the age differential" The n-o-t-i-n-t-o could be the respective colors of ROYGBIV.

Socialism killed them, really Oakie it's as plain as the nose on your face, in fact the only thing which might have saved them was also denied to them, I speak of Jesus of course, who saves me from saying "Fuck" 50% of the time I stub my toe.

Jesus! Who the fuck put that trebuchet there!

You have this ability to revert back to what you were at a specific time. 

So, 1959? Were you really that aware?

I don't think Socialism killed them for sure, unless we coalesse with the massive propaganda at the time. 

Jesus refuses to visit Siberia. Not that much of a saviour under such circumstances.

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