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Audie Murphy - Now THAT is What I call an American!

Added: Monday, January 13th 2020 at 9:55pm by Oakie2012

Image result for audie murphy"

How a young man led by example, time and time again.





User Comments

I had heard his name related to country music, but didn't know all of the rest.

Growing up I saw his films. But had no idea what a truly great American hero he was.

I remember my dad talking about him and telling me , that Audie Murphy was a hero. I love watching his tv movies. Great actor too.


You are correct he was a hero


Audie Murphy looked a little too boyish for me. I can't get interested in a grown man who looks like an adolescent. They have to be more filled out and mature. 

You should move to Greece, where men are hairy and infanile. Filled out, and just moronic rnough for yall!

That wouldn't do. I don't like my men hairy. The less hairy, the better. If I'd wanted to marry a gorilla, I would have. I also like my men to be smart. I could never be with a man who was stupid.

Fortunately they don't feel the same way about you, Amala..

You think you're funny but you're not. You're just a rude, crude, sorry excuse for a little man who could find more friends in the monkey house at the zoo than here on Blogster. 

I will never be on your level.

You don't have friends, Amala... you have people who sympathize with your misery. Those who don't, like me, you pretend are a problem.

You're the dumbest ugliest bitch on this site bar none!

You're absolutely correct. You'll never be on my level because my level is so far above yours you'll never be able to reach it. You're doomed to exist on the lowest level of mankind, the level inhabited by slugs and roaches. 

Yet, I exist with more friends than you'll never know and have earned the respect of 1000s across the world.

I bet your own family doesn't even like you lol. You're not fooling anyone.

Whenever you show your true miserable bitchy colors, I'm usually the first person to get a PM telling me how right I was about you. Let that sink in?

One thing about insecure slobs like you is that they always hang together. 

Projection lol.

You couldn't produce one shred of evidence to support your video game mush brain spew....

Should I start putting the PM's out there to show what fake friends you have? I could do this any time I want......  I laugh in your ugly face!


{#apploud.gif}Also yay!

By all means, put them up then I'll now who else needs to be blocked. 

Hahaha never have you uttered more revealing words. How dare anyone say anything about you behind your back, as you sit there knowing full well you've given people a reason to. It's never you, it's always someone else.

Nobody on this site needs an attitude or reality check more than you.

And to think! You went into all of this just because I said I wasn't attracted to Audie Murphy! 


























Oakie -- Sorry about the long empty space. Must have had my arm on the key without noticing.

If you think I care what you think of Audie Murphy you're more deluded than I thought.

Make no mistake about it, Amala... whenever I speak to you I do so because you're a disgusting bitch who I have less than zero respect for.

Don't complicate things!

Let's get this straight, once and for all, I DON'T CARE if you like me or not, nor do I GIVE A DAMN what your opinion of me is. 

That changes nothing for me. Get that through your head!

He managed all this whilst having a girl's name?

I think you are thinking of "Augie", mate.

Watched the vid. Audie went gangsta with it. Luv him.

Yeah, a little guy who was a super massive hero¬

He took out two German machine gun nests, by himself! The Fuck?

Ah, I'm compelled to go off on a tangent a bit. "Machine gun nest". Every person has read or heard that euphemism before. What does a baby robin emerging from its wee charming...robins' egg blue shell have in common with a deadly projectile ejected from a machine gun?

Well, as an evident and avid ornathologist, I can understand your protest about the imposition of innocent animal characteristics upon malevolent human murderisers! I think that's called transference. When they do that.

Maybe machine gun defensive positions would be a more apt term. But thing is, that machine gun defensive positions were something that the Germans specialised in, on a innovative basis, as a major bullwark of powerful resistence to WWI style, over the top with bayonets charge, and, as such, was an encampment that would largely obliterrate anyone who approached it. 

For 5'4 Audie Murphy, a lil guy, to take out two such encampments, he would have had to deliberately have risked certain death to be able to approach such bastions. Yet somehow he did that twice. One man, killing off at least three individuals in each instance, armed with probably a pretty rudinmentary rifle/pistol, when they were armed with a state of the art killing machine that could destroy thirty advancing troops in four or five seconds. 

Sounds like Audie was a bit of a robin redbreast to me. 



I like Audie and robin redbreasts much better than "human nature".

There is a Spanish...perhaps he's more accurately Catalonian(?)...author (lives in LA in fact) Carlos Ruiz Zafón. In one of his novels (4 in particular are historical fictions, a quadrilogy set in the Franco years) he wrote which I shall put in quotes tho I'm not certain it's verbatim "Anyone who has lived through a war knows that humans are not better than the wild animals".

Audie was super badass against those murderisers. Do you suppose he just wanted that shit to be over? Courtesy of The Wikipedia I see that he was born in Hunt County, Texas ("Don't Mess with Texas" --that explains it). In an issue of National Geographic I saw photographs of handsome, lovely, slinky ocelots in Texas. Compared to the robin --worm murderers-- the ocelot is vicious. And compared to the ocelot, homo sapiens are uber diabolical.

Image result for texas ocelot

We've a housecat. I named him KITTEH in honor of Timmy on South Park. Kitteh likes to nap on my bed. He has never tried to machine gun me. So in return I pet him.


Yes, I'm sure he did just want that shit to be over and so showed great expediency in making it so.

One of the "justifications" for our mistreatment of animals, the enslaving, torture and eating of them, is that they are less intelligent than we are. As if intelligence was the only worthy human characteristic.

Trump would have been eaten long before he became President if that were a reality.

We are the most intelligent species, yet the dumbest of us tend to succeed, as they are the majority. 

On the other hand, micro organisms are really dumb, and they are the most successful beings on the planet by miles.

I mean, they make up half the cells in the human body.

So that's why I'm a little overweight.

Yes. Like the formidable human immunodeficiency virus. It ejects its RNA (its entire guts then) into the host cell. That RNA hijacks an enzyme in the cell to transform itself into DNA. Then more hijackery occurs toward insinuating that DNA into the cell's own DNA. Intelligence! Majesty.

Humans are no better than the so-called wild animals.

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