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Pelosi and her buddies going to prison?

Added: Thursday, December 5th 2019 at 12:13pm by MsPurrrrfect


User Comments

They should string them all up in a public square.. Starting with that POS Pelosi.

I won't hold my breath for one second. The only people who go to jail are those who oppose them. That's reality!

Normally I would agree with you but we are at a point that our Republic is at stake and Trump is NOT a politician. There have been those who have said that Trump must go all the way to protect himself and his family and I believe that to be true. It is an all or noting game. If our Republic is to survive then there must be arrests, prosecutions, and executions or we will cease to exists as a constitutional republic. 

There is also the Trump Prophecies according to Mark Taylor - if he is truly guided by the Holy Spirit then this is the match to start the military tribunals that he spoke of before Trump even took office. 

He doesn't have the stones. In some ways he is absolutely a politician. Every time he bends to their will, rather than keeping his word, he's showing his political side.

I know what needs to happen. I agree with you, but Trump is clearly playing a game of leverage with these crooks and that's not what I voted for.

I voted for Swamp draining, not a poker game.

Democrats Argue that Obama Should Have Been Impeached Tom Trinko Remember when Obama thought his microphone was off and made a little promise to the Russian president? More
Jail and pelosi,never happen. Read up on Nancy Pelosi‘s history and who her father was and her connection to the governor of California none of them are going to prison Obama should be in prison. So should his tranny wife!!

There is an old saying;

The sun does not shine on the same dog's a$$ everyday.... 

The devil takes by giving and it is way overdue for justice to be done. I understand what you are saying but the magnitude of prayers that are being said should not be underestimated. We all need to pray that we are restored to "one nation under God.... 

Amen ms.purrfect😊 Since the rich and powerful have chosen the devil over the Lord, I’m glad we won’t see them in heaven. I’ve known too many struggling people that suddenly have become wealthy and praise Satan. And they are everywhere in every country they are sick peopleGlad I got away from all of them in my younger days,praise the Lord.


Max, We have the right AG that is attacking the swamp. These people are so well protected and so wealthy, it’s going to take time. Nothing happens overnight.

I don't think Barr has the stones either. If he does something then I will acknowledge it, but I think the way the AG handled Epstein showed us he clearly is not up to taking on anyone.

Perjury has happened over and over. If you or I did the same, we'd be indicted just like Roger Stone. You do understand that, right?

I didn't expect anything to happen overnight... but there has been plenty of time to do something and I'm not listening to his or Trump's hollow words again until I see some real justice.

Oh, I think they started by getting rid of two heads all the bush and McCain don’t think they died naturally. I believe they’re waiting to make sure they’ve got all their ducks in a row so there’s no mistake and once they legally capture the real criminals All hell will break loose ha ha stupid libs

Is it the Qanon narrative you're buying into?

Whatever the case, I hope you're right.... but this row of ducks better be long and reach high.... A bunch of low level paper pushers ain't gonna amount to justice for me.

I won't be holding my breath on any of this. I don't think anyone is willing to risk their life to take down these criminals. It's too far gone, and I don't for one second they've reached the bottom of their bag of tricks. And if they do, I think they'd kill Trump before justice penetrates deep enough into the cabal to make a difference.

*think they've reached...

Amen!  We can only hope.  Great post!

The swamp is entrenched and well connected. It can't be one at a time taken down, it'll have to be well coordinated and mass arrests.

Key word there is Mass. Trying to decriminalize DC may be as easy as unscrambling scramble eggs. 


Keep in mind that there have been arrests and prison sentences for pedophiles, sex traffickers, and the like with little to no media coverage. 

"They" are terrified so I must assume that there is a reason for their fear - destruction???  

America will not believe how widespread the corruption really is. 

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