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Controversial Content
Added: Monday, June 29th 2020 at 7:07am by MsPurrrrfect


User Comments

This is exactly how I felt as that idiot did his focus groups in 08 and 12 when I supported Ron Paul. Luntz used his voodoo science in conjunction with Fox News propaganda and a clueless audience to hurt Paul's chances, while those clowns all supported Romney and McCain lol. #neverforget

So many idiots cheered Trump for saying the same exact shit Paul did.


NEVER trust this bastard!!!



They can't have it both ays, but they sure do try to!

And then there's this, which we can throw away, because we don't like anything she's doing:

There are many good ones on that page.

This one is so true. They really did prosecute. Lotta whistle blowers.


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