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CNN Disproves by Proving

Added: Saturday, November 21st 2020 at 10:07am by MsPurrrrfect


NOT THE ONION: Cnn produced a report so stupid and self canceling it proved the point they were trying to refute.

I’ll put this one on the “confirmation bias” pile, whoever wrote this was CLUELESS about what it meant after calling every legit piece of “conspiracy theory” B.S. – you’d have to be totally clueless to not connect the dots on the page you wrote yourself and that happened at CNN, here it is:

In this report, CNN confirmed that the CEO/Chairman of George Soros owned “Open Societies Foundation” – you know, the one that does the color movements and sends ANTIFA your way – was deeply involved in the voting machines, and that the Clinton foundation was too. They also prove Venezuelan citizens really were involved in it all. Read it and laugh! This is a good one, and to be clear, Smartmatic is a subsidiary of Dominion voting systems so them claiming Smartmatic is only used in one state is IRRELEVANT, Smartmatic and Dominion are the SAME COMPANY. So here we go – here is your daily laugh:

I did not really believe Venezuela was involved in stealing our elections until this piece by CNN. Now I’ll say OF COURSE THEY ARE, and they tied George Soros in so beautifully here – you mean to tell me they don’t know what the open societies foundation does and who controls it??!!?? That’s like not seeing a semi while you accidentally drive under one. How clueless are their writers anyway? And anyone worth their salt knows George Soros OWNS VENEZUELA, it is his happy space. If things fall apart for him in the U.S. (and they just might now) he’s going to Venezuela and nowhere else, IF he manages to escape. And they hung Hillary Clinton at the same time. PRICELESS!!!

User Comments

Talking about "opening mouth, and insert foot."  This is a classic case of it.  Trying to disprove something, and instead, proved what they say as false was actually true.  Sometimes you just have to shake yor head at all this craziness.

lol.. I know, right.....

and they want to take over the world... 

Pinky and The Brain TAKE OVER THE WORLD

I love the whole "debunking" process the democrat/communists use. They lie like children. Inevitably, everyone gets paid by one of the over 250 organizations umbrellaed under Soros's Open Society Foundation. BTW, each of those organization has a really sweet sounding name but a stinky mission.

Oh, well...

I am not the least bit surprised by the evil and/or crazy/insane antics of those who are in Evil's camp.

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