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Support for birth families after Adoption

Added: Saturday, April 28th 2012 at 7:35am by Moochymoo
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Support for parents after Adoption.

Melizza Moore made this Freedom of Information request to Social Care Institute for Excellence

Currently waiting for a response from Social Care Institute for Excellence , they must respond promptly and normally no later than 28 May 2012 (details ).

From: Melizza Moore

28 April 2012

Dear Social Care Institute for Excellence,

1. I would like to know of what emotional support is available for
families who have suffered the traumatic loss due to Adoption .

2. How many parents having been diagnosed with a mental health
condition , during care proceedings , been subsequently been given
a clean bill of health ?

3. Of those how many have actually got their children back ?

4. Which support agencies deal with the aftermath of adoption to
birth families ?

Yours faithfully,

Melizza Moore

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Annotation on the website by me Melizza Moore 1.5.12


Melizza Moore left an annotation ( 1 May 2012)

Then they are not an institute of excellance then , as to be excellant , people have to like what you are about. Plus good at what you are doing.

Well this service user does not rate it as excellent . It is only EXCELLENT for the staff . Not for the families that have been ripped apart.

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