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Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, September 11th 2019 at 8:43am by MisterCox

Well, you already know that I can be a little shit. I don't know anyone else not even siblings who recognize preposterousness and beauty and actually uphold both.

It's been written in the literature of the vaunted, infallible A.A. that acceptance is the answer to all of one's problems.

There's a man also living here, he's old, substantially older than me and my 49 years. He's not just a grouch and a demi-bully he's a primadonna too. The ether around him is always desolate and angry.

That's what makes me wish I didn't have compassion, cuz if I didn't I wouldn't have figured out that someone/something/some circumstance just did him wrong. And then in ignorance I could go on thinking that he's just a cunt and that's all there is too it.

But that's not all there is, no, I feel quite certain that few are the people who have shown him kindness. But how to do that?, he's not approachable. Rather disobliging in fact.

I reckon I could anonymously mail him some kind of small, inexpensive gift. Like one of those 1/2 pound boxes of See's. Actually it could be inexpensiver [giggling, Yes!, yes that word does exist cuz I created it]. Just a few of the yummy See's Scotch kisses in a little See's bag. Hope he's not diabetic D'OH! Maybe a yo-yo instead?

User Comments

LOL I invent words too so I do believe your "inexpensiver" is a word because you invented it {#basic-smile.gif}.   You could get him a yo-yo, but what if he messes up his wrist trying to use it?  {#basic-ohsnap.gif}

That poor man has been stepped on, and stomped on way too many times, and life turned him that way.  Your kindness will be a soothing balm.


That box of See's Candy will probably bring tears to his eyes, and it will be worth it.

I think a gift would be nice. Even a fruit basket might be a good idea.

Not candy.

Perhaps a tin of smoked brisling sardines packed in olive oil?  (Cheaper than smoked sturgeon)

Multiple tins. At least 2.

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