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What A Disgrace

Added: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 5:54am by MaxLiberty

I hear the most exciting moment at the Grammy's was Michelle Obama showing up. And does that not tell you the state of popular music and awards shows in America?

Yeah, it's not worth discussing but I had to laugh at something about the "rock" category..

Greta Van Fleet, Zeppelin worship and cosplay to an extreme degree won album of the year for a late 2017 release that was actually two EP's and not even a full length album to begin with.

What is up with that?

They released a full length in Oct of 18 being sold as their "debut" and I think that was done so they could be considered for "Best New Artist" which they were nominated for as well, but didn't win.

The 2017 album was always considered a full release until the corporate assholes in control of the band started messing with things in an attempt to over promote and profit like the leeches they are.

The best thing the overrated GVF could do at this point is dump Republic records and stop listening to the corporate crooks.

I saw them in a bar, and that's where they belong, in a bar.
And that's not a bad thing.

But if we're talking about Best new Rock artist, and album of the year? Then this band that combined two EP's plus new material to make a proper full length release is much more deserving than very mediocre corporate darlings, GVF...

User Comments

I guess I need to do some more listening. I don't recognize any of songs!  

I don't listen to any of the mainstream grammy nominated crap usually. I listen to Ghost but I've liked them before they broke through to the masses.

I still with my underground music. Only talking about this because it's all a sham. Nothing to do with most deserving or talent.

People who always there is no good music today are wrong imo, but if a person is looking for something worthy from grammy nominated crap, then good luck.. there is so little to be found there.

Most of the music I listen to are unknown regular people on YouTube :-)) 

There are many youtube artists I like as well. Mostly instrumental demos and stuff, but some amazing talent out there.

I am stuck in a musical rut, Scott, just replaying old familiars and not seeking out or listening to newer stuff.

You know the types of things I like, maybe some day you can put together a list of maybe...ten or fifteen newer artists you think I should check out?

I'm more behind the curve right now than at any point in my life. I can't keep up, not even with Metal as it's just exploding and the scene is overpopulated. Mostly stuff just drops in my lap. I do frequent sites I have for years to see what's hot or trending, or being ignored that deserves attention... but I realize lately how much I haven't even heard of bands that are either established or coming up. I think I'm just getting older lol

But I'm still more tuned in that most people my age and yeah, I'd love to throw together a list for ya sometime. Aside from newer stuff, I bet you'd be like me in that you'd find so much older stuff that just went under the radar from back in the day to be enjoyable too. When I find a band or album from 30+ years ago I missed, it's like being brand new.


I'd really appreciate that, Scott.  And any rare old gems I may have forgotten about or missed would be very, very cool.


... yeah, when I saw the news bits this morning and saw a pic of Michelle O at the Grammies, it was a WTF moment with me. Not that I would know one artist from another ... but I know she doesn't belong there ... 

Sad that I know her better than I do most of the artists associated with this event, despite being music obsessed.

As I keep saying, all great music today is in the underground. Politics too! lol

When did Mrs. Obama start singing?

About the time the "artists" stopped..

Michelle sings??  lol lol 

Re: songs...I do not kn ow any of the new songs some I do from the 70,s  I like the old songs I like their melodies and lyrics.  I have to go to my daughter for the new songs...she keeps up with them and sings along. 

I definitely think older songs being nominated for Grammy's meant something once upon a time. It's just completely meaningless now.

The Obamas sure do seem to want to keep themselves in the limelight. I wouldn't be surprised if the Mrs. isn't priming herself for a run for public office. 

Yep. And I think so too Amala...  she seems to be testing the waters, God help us all...  most popular person in America lol

I'm so out of the loop on music, period.  We stuck at work listening to oldies as the background music, because its the supervisors favorite, so when I leave to come home, all I want is quiet on my drive home.  I'm certainly not knocking the 60s/70s music, but I barely know whats out there in todays music!

I'll never understand the appeal of mainstream music today. I can find good Indie, Alternative, Rock, Blues Rock and Metal throughout any given year and never once look at music charts or listen to the radio to do it. It all depends on the person and what they want.

I don't watch awards shows, and haven't in decades. But todays newspaper on the front page had a 'Ladies night at the Grammys' photo with five women and I only know Michelle Obama. But it was Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Alicia Keys, Obama and Jennifer Lopez.

Said Michelle was on a sold out book signing tour, but not sure how she landed on the Grammy's.


My only concern is the industry. I don't watch either, or care who does waste their time with it. MOST of pop culture sucks!

not sure how she landed on the Grammy's.

Lol 100% certain I know how that happened.

I didn't lool at the Grammy's. I'm always at a lost at how some artists get nominated and even win.

Their only interest at that point is what profits they can make, and whether or not they can sustain them. That's a real slave industry. Wonder why no outrage?

I don't even watch any of that stuff now days.

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