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Added: Wednesday, May 15th 2019 at 4:25pm by MaxLiberty

User Comments

I give the boomer infested establishment about a year before this dude is looked at just like Thomas Massie. Unless he gets in line and start licking boots like so many others.

Aw crap, this must be a video, aye?

Yea. Here's a link if you wanna see.



Yep, sounds great... until someone pulls him aside and lets him know what's what.

Well, at that point he becomes Thomas Massie (for example) or any number of capitulating clowns. It's not hard to see when they flip. I've downloaded this nice speech for future reference lol

Aspirations for doing great things until the Intimidation Squad gets ahold of them. Evenyone has baggage, and they're easily threatened with exposure. Bribes or blackmail. The establishment on both sides does it.

I've said that for 20 years. It's why I don't think there will be any accountability for what was done to Trump. They're all guilty of things and nobody knows it better than them. It's a stalemate imo. The American people and this country will pay the price.

All we get is soapbox bloviating.

Too true.

Be's not a California politician, that's fer sure...

Haha nope, just another dreamer from flyover country.

{#crosseyed.gif}    They all betray us in the end.

Ron Paul didn't. I don't feel betrayed by Rand at this point, and definitely not Thomas Massie. The problem is there are not enough of them. Too easily cast aside as not team players. Those are my guys, few as they may be...

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