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Added: Saturday, March 25th 2023 at 12:05am by MarissaG

I feel much better tonight. But I have been waiting to get tired since 10:00pm. It is 2:51am. I passed the time by making a huge salad and finishing it in two sittings. It was too big to eat all at once. Then I had a huge slice of pizza.

Other than that, I have mostly been surfing the web. I browsed Facebook marketplace,  I browsed eBay, amazon and Craigslist. I watched some vlogs on YouTube and some on my vlog. I also listened to music. All boring stuff. 

I have been thinking that I need to do something to break up the monotony of my life. I have a few things in mind. First, I'd like to be able to decorate to my taste. Second, my sister and I are going on a one day trip. Third, is about money. I'll leave that up to Jesus.

User Comments

l hope you managed to get some sleep Marissa.  

Decorating is a good idea.  A trip with your sister would be nice.  Just to get away from the usual routine helps lift your spirits a bit.

Thank you. I have been getting sleep, but I don't fall asleep until very late. I took Maggie's advice and started listening to prayers. I find them interesting and soothing. 

I have a hard time sleeping too sometimes.   I'll lie down with my phone and listen to someone who has good information but is hard to stay awake to.  That way it's win/win.  Either I learn something, or I go to sleep. 

So you let somebody bore you to sleep? {#angelgirl.gif}

Hahaha... yep!

I've taken your advice and have begun listening to prayers. It's very soothing.

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