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FedUpToHere gingerdoxie

The attic/work/my friends one year sobriety lead

Added: Wednesday, February 12th 2020 at 11:13pm by MarissaG
Category: About Me

User Comments

I will be back, my neighbour is coming down the drive.

I hope you had a good visit with your neighbor.

It's gopd to see you have a nice, cozy place for yourself up-the-ladder :)

It's very comfortable. However, it's up stairs not a ladder.

If you're comfortable in the attic, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm just glad your brother is still letting you stay there.

Sorry to hear your mother is refusing to shower. I hope someone can get her to begin getting back into that habit again.

I loved this vlog as I do all of them and I hope you're having a good day.

We're fine in the attic.  I was able to get her to shower yesterday. I'm going to try again today. 

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I hope you did too. Have a nice day today. 

Glad to hear you got your mom to shower and a very Happy Valentine's Day to you, my friend {#giveflowers.gif}

Happy Valentine's Day 

Thank you.

If you are okay living in the attic, that's great.  I've done that a time or two myself.

As a person ages, they tend to relax their normal routine.  Sometimes you have to be persistent.


We're fine in the attic. I will keep at it. My mother is just being stubborn. 

Hugs to you too. I hope your feeling better. 

Can't get videos to work :-(

Will try again later.

I'm sorry about that. I wish I could help. 

I hope your mom decides to go back to taking showers!  I wish I had an attic!

She's starting to cooperate. Yes, our attic is very nice. An entrance way, a bathroom, a table at which to eat, two comfy sofas and a matching chai, a queen size bed and three huge closets. It's just like a studio. All it needs is a kitchenette. 


found more on Pinterest, thought you might make some of these, could even sell them

Thank you. I am definitely going to make her a blanket.

Hope your mom starts to work with you on the showers. The attic sounds nice to me. Hope you have a good week. 

My mom has started showering regularly. Yes, the attic is very nice.  My week was great. Hope yours was too. Have a great weekend. 

That's great to hear, so glad. This week has been busy but pretty good. Baked yesterday for hubby's mom's birthday & my sister's birthday (cupcakes & chocolate covered pretzels). I can't eat any of it but it at least gets the ingredients out of my house now. :) Thanks plan to scan in more pictures this weekend & Saturday is fasting day this week so need to keep busy & out of the kitchen. lol Hope you have a great weekend too. 

Great that you are making the best of your unusual situation.{#add_best_wishes.gif}

I am, thank you. Have a great weekend. 

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