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Sites that don't allow Jesus as a password

Added: Friday, August 5th 2022 at 10:58pm by MarissaG

I'm not going to name all the sites that don't allow me to use the name Jesus in my password, but I have come across a few. I don't appreciate it.  It's a password. People aren't supposed to know what it is. I haven't used Jesus as part of the username, so who knows. 

Has it really come to this. This used to be a country of faith, not all Christian, but people held to their religious beliefs. Jesus (God) was part of the mainstream culture. Now he has been pushed out, for the most part, of Christmas, Easter and mainstream culture.

I saw all that had taken place in this country, where Jesus is concerned.. I wanted to do something. So I was patiently plugging away, on my vlog, trying to remind those who have forgotten and those who never knew, of the awesome kindness, mercy and power of the most important man who ever lived.

There has been so much done against Jesus and his will, but to not allow his name in a password is going too far.



User Comments

There has been so much done against Jesus and his will, but to not allow his name in a password is going too far.

I would take some time to reflect on that statement. We've just witnessed petty tyrants in states all across America forbid people from attending Church, while permitting and encouraging BLM protesting at the same time. Free speech in passwords isn't really free speech. I mean, some places require capitalizations, symbols and numbers. I suppose you could fit Jesus in there somewhere if you wanted.... but Jesus, Jesus777 and John316 are known easy targets for hackers. Scott

I agree with Scott.

I use his name with other words, numbers and symbols. 



Oh my goodness, I did not know this.

Yes, it is true

Oh, it doesnt surprise me.

There is a way Marissa to still use his name you just use the Hebrew Yahvahosha, and then you're fine. But I think the reason they don't allow you to use it. It doesn't  meet the security for your site. Meaning it is not a strong enough password. Bro. Doc

I use it with other words and symbols. 

You really shouldn't have any trouble using it. My friend I asked when you first posted the blog, and said it should work fine with other things addded. And He is a Comp. Tech. Bro. Doc

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