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Added: Friday, March 15th 2019 at 9:38pm by MarissaG

Today, I was driving home and everything looked really dark again, only this time I felt calm and like I was protected by God from any darkness. Like the other night, I started to worry about my future and I started to remember the old feelings of being haunted by my past, being haunted by my present and being haunted by my future. I just said a few prayers and it all went away. 

I owe so much to my belief and faith in God. I don't know where I would be without it. Once again, if anyone prayed for me, thank you. I did put my prayer requests for my getting out of that dark place on any and every prayer request site I could find. Now, I am happy. Now I am not afraid. Now, I don't feel like I am walking in darnkness.

My friend told me that he felt lonely all the time. I recommended that he start praying the rosary. He did and now he reports that he no longer feels lonely and that he is a lot happier. I am glad. 


My mother has started asking where the bathroom is. Also, she is asking questions like whether she should set a dirty plate on the counter or in the sink. She asks if she should leave the bathroom door open or close it. She asks if she should leave the bathroom light on. She asks all sorts of common sense questions that she is now confused by.

It makes me very sad.


Thank you to anyone who prayed for my friend's brother. However, it wasn't in God's will for him to live. God took him Wednesday night at 9:59 EST. 

I met with my friend today and she is going through a whirlwind of emotions as is to be expected.


My sister's surgery is on Friday. I just pray for her. She has so many health issues and she is so stubborn that she is still going to work.


I got two phone calls from unknown numbers that I didn't take. Then I got an email from my job letting me know they were trying to get in touch with me. I got all nervouse thinking they were going to fire me, but when I called them, they wanted to know why I wasn't writing that much. I told them there were only three jobs that fit the description of what I was allowed to write and that I bid on all three and didn't get any. The HR person said she would personally see to it that I got a lot more work. I hope so, because I am tired of being new and only being allowed to bid on the smallest jobs they have.


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User Comments

Yes God can answer prayers.  l am glad He answered yours Marissa.

It is a worry for you with your mother.  l can understand you feeling sad.  It is good she has you there with her to watch over her and care for her.

l am sure your friend is in a very emotional state after loosing her brother.  That is very sad for her and the family circle.

l will pray for your sister.  l hope all will be well for her and that the operation will be a success.

Hope things work out good on the job front for you.  

Yes, God did answer my prayers.

It is sad to see her going down hill.

I am just trying to be there for my friend.

Thank you for your prayers on m sister's behalf.

I also hope things go well for me in my job.

God does answer prayers, that's for sure and I'm glad he's answered yours. I will keep your sister in prayer, all of you really.

It must be sad to see your mom not remembering basic things. But at least she seems to be in otherwise good health. She is lucky that she has you caring for her.

He sure does answer prayers. 

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

It is very sad to see my mother slowly slipping away. I do the best I can for her.

I'm so glad you're feeling better and finding peace and comfort in prayer.  I'd hate to think of where we would be without it.

Continued prayers for your sister, mother, and you!  

It's Saturday ... let's have some fun today, shall we?  {#blower2.gif}{#cheerleader.gif}{#hat.gif}

Thank you for your prayers. And, yes, let's have some fun.

Hope you get better assignments.  Sad about Mom and sis. 

Thank you. It is sad about my mother and sister. All I can do is pray and be there for them.

Prayers sent out. Hang in there with Mom, Hoping it gets better for you. Yay more writing work

Thank you. I will definitely hang in there. I am also glad about more writing assignments.

I'm so happy for you!  Giving everything to God, and allowing im to guide yor every step allows for pesacefull living. I will be praying the God allows more assignments for you!

Thank you

God is hearing your prayers and I hope HR sets you up with more jobs so you can make that $$$!

I'm so, so sorry about your friend's brother.  Blessfully, he is in a better place free from pain and is at peace.  May he RIP eternally.

I'm praying for your sister and I hope her surgery goes smoothly and everything will be good for her in her recovery and future.

I hate hearing how your mother's memory is giving her so much difficulty with simple things that we think nothing of doing.  Its got to be so hard on you but thank God you are there for her and have patience in taking good care of her.

You hang in there Marissa.  There will be a place in Heaven for you one day for doing so much for so many.  Your a good daughter, sister and friend.  ♥


Thank you. I try to be.

I also hope HR gives me more assignments.

It is sad that he passed.

Thank you for praying for my sister.

I am trying my best to be there for my mother.s

Yes, I do believe in the power of prayer too, Marissa. It is said, that God never closes a door that he doesnt open a window.



Your candor is a refresment.

Thank you.

Good Evening Marissa, I hope your Mother is on meds, for this problem with her remembering things. It helps not all the time but most of the time. Sorry to read that your Brother passed away. Things will work out Marissa. Love the song also. Bro. Doc

My mother is on meds.

My brother didn't die, it was my friend's brother. But thank you.

I am glad you liked the song.

Maybe it is time for your dear sweet Mother, get checked again and maybe a higher doses of meds that will help her remember. When we had a neighbor whom hald Alhamizers they had to upgrade the doses and for about a year he did really well most of the time. I hope and prayer your Mother will do ok. I see brother's friend. Your welcome. Bro. Doc

I'm so glad you have been proactive in getting on all those prayer lists. It really does help!

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