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Added: Thursday, November 19th 2020 at 6:07pm by MarissaG

Yesterday, tomorrow and today. Those words are going on my next painting. 

Most of my yesterday's were very painful. I feel happy to be past the pain.

Tomorrow looks very promising. 

Today I'm at peace and hanging out with Jesus.


Soon it will be Christmas. I really hope the pandemic will be over by then. Although, it will probably be one more thing leftists will use to show what they thought was wrong with Trump.

They never want to let go of the past. At this point, if you are someone historically famous, you had better be on the left in the things you did and said or your contribution will be disparaged.

Look what they have done to our heroes. 



On a different subject, recently,  I have had the flu, stomach problems and a cold. My sister says I'm not being careful enough. I agree with her when she says, " if I can get the flu or catch a cold, I can get Covid. " 

I really do have to be more careful. My mother stays in the car when I run into the gas station and Seven Eleven.  She also hasn't gone to the thrift store with me and hasn't become ill.

It's all on me if I get the pandemic virus. 


Sorry to go on so long. I haven't posted on my vlog for a while so I'm posting here.

User Comments

You didn't go on too long.  Good to see you back!  Hope you are all better.   

Thank you. I'm doing fine.

If your sister says you are not being careful, how about her or your brother taking over looking after your mum while you get a chance to recover. You shouldn't be taking her out anywhere if you have symptoms of a cold. How do you know it's not Covid. 

I wasn't sure, but I'm better now and my mother never became ill.

Marissa, I'm glad you're over the flu. Thank God it wasn't Covid.  The most we can do is wear a mask, try to social distance when possible, sometimes its not that easy and sanitize and pray we remain healthy. Every day seems like a time bomb ready to explode.  You, your mother and family, please be as safe as you all can. ❤

I agree. We will all do our best to stay safe. You and your loved ones please do the same.

Thank you.

Marrissa, that was not long at all. Glad your over the bug that you had. One thing I will say: We should leave the past just where it is, unless there is good in it too remember and tomorrow never comes anyway, and we should just live in today and make it the best there is. Because after today is gone we can't change a thing that happened in it. Take care. Bro. Doc

True words of wisdom, BroDoc. However tomorrow and many of them will come. I have faith in that 

Good Morning Marissa, if you are into words. Tomorrow never comes because it is always today. We may say tomorrow, but when the day we are talking about is always today. That is a play on words. Have a beautiful day my friend. Bro. Doc

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