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Please Keep my Sister in Your Thoughts and Prayers

Added: Monday, December 2nd 2019 at 12:05am by MarissaG

A few months ago my sister lost sight in one of her eyes. The doctors said it could be that some of the blood vessels in her eye bust and that her eye may clear on its own.

It didn't. She is having eye surgery on Friday the 6th of December. If you pray please pray that her surgery is a complete success and that her eye and eyesight return to normal. 

Thank you.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and weekend. 

User Comments

I hope op helps. Over here you go for a free eye check every two years when you are over a certain age and getting a pension. It's good to have one as the opticians can see any problems before they get worse. I think people should go for the check ups even if you do have to pay as better than losing your sight.

Thank you. I agree that you should have your eyes checked regularly. 

I will keep fingers and toes crossed for her Marissa and hope her eyesight returns. I hope the surgery goes very well and is a complete success.

Thank you

Thanksgiving was good here, hope yours was as well Marissa.

Very sorry to hear about your sister and wish her 100% successful surgery to restore her vision. I had a vessel bust once... eye was filled with blood for weeks and vision blurred..  it did return, but since then my vision in left eye much worse than right. Hope your sister can get full recovery.

Thanksgiving was great.

Thank you.

I will!

Thank you.

Here's hoping your sister has a complete success on her eye surgery.  I will be praying for her as well as you and your mother.

My Thanksgiving was great, however, the very next morning I had the worse hearache.  One of my cats died and it like to tore me in half.  Thankfully my other cat is bringing me comfort as I know he too, is feeling the loss of his brother.  My cat had a heart attack and died instantly. He collapsed.  I'm a bit better now, but not by much.  Taking it one day at a time.

I am so very sorry about your cat. It is so hard when our furbabies die. I will pray for you. 

Let me know if there is anything else I can do. 

Thank you Marissa, that is so sweet of you. A person can never have enough prayers. And just having you as a friend is a great comfort. Losing furbabies are horrible.

Will be praying for your Sister that they can correct her eye sight. Bro. Doc

Thank you.

Praying her eye surgery is successful.  How's her balance these days, what with the leg and impaired vision? 

Thank you. Her balance is fine although they gave her a prosthetic that is too big on her. 


Thank you.

Praying everything goes well for your sister. 

Hope your mom is doing well, and you, too. 

We had a very nice Thanksgiving day. 

Thank you.

My mom and I are doing fine.

I'm glad your Thanksgiving was a nice one. 

hi marissa i hope your sister recovers well and soon .. praying for you all..xx hugs{#friend.gif} {#giveflowers.gif}

Thank you. Hugs back to you xxxx

Prayers Marissa, hope your sister gets better soon.

Thank you. 

I am not a prayer Marissa, but, I shall put your sister along with ellie, and pray for them both.

Thank you. It means a lot to me.

Praying all goes well for your sister Marissa.  Will be thinking about you all on Friday.

Thank you

Very sad. Full support from here. I've just posted. May help you.

Thank you 

I hope surgery & her recovery has gone well. 

Thank you, but it hasn't gone as well as hoped. My sister still can't see out of her eye.

so sorry to hear this...will keep in thoughts (hugs)

Hope you have a wonderful 2020

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