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My Truth

Added: Sunday, January 29th 2023 at 11:36pm by MarissaG

I am not whole. I still need to heal. I am much better off following Jesus then I ever was when I was not a follower. 

I believe some suffering is about to come into my life. If it does, I'll offer it up and pray.


User Comments

I am not sure what is going on Marissa. But think positive about things. And do pray and maybe talking to someone about it would be a big help. Bro. Doc

It is the possibility of Frida dying, and the guilt and worry I'll feel when my mother goes into a nursing home. 

Sounds like you're sitting in the same boat I am. Only I don't have a pet circling the drain, just a mother. Try to give yourself a little time to think about something else. Believe me, it helps. 

Let me say this Marissa, what happens is because HE knows you will be able to handle it. We can't stop dying nor can we at times do more than we have for a parent.

When my Mother is 2020 became worse ini the Asst. Living Center, I didn't beat myself up with what could have been done different.

She was living there when she was lots better, and when she was going down hill HOSPIC helped. And I knew that the Heavenly Father was watching out for her. In Aug of 2020 she passed away. But I have never felt guilt. And Marissa, you should not feel that either, bcause you have done all you can, and when you can't do more you have to let those that can do it.

Take care and praying for you and your family. Bro. Doc

You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about Marissa.   You have been a wonderful daughter, and loving towards your pets.  I know you will grieve over not having them with you.  And I also know Jesus will always be there to comfort you on the bad days.  I'm sure He is proud of you. 

Yes, Amala, we are both trying to do what is correct for our mothers' well-being. 

Thank you Bro. DOC

I hope My mother is safe and well cared for in a nursing home.  

Thank you for reminding me about Jesus.

Am hoping your siblings have a place lined up that is convenient for frequent visiting...?

My brother still won't tell me the name.

When my mother in law came to the point of having to go into a care center, it was after a short hospital stay that followed not eating for around ten days. She had dementia and it was heart failure that necessitated an ambulance ride. She did not want to go, and they can't force her. So it was three visits, the last of which we had to get other family members to come by to convince her.

If she had stayed at home, it would have been an impossible situation. As it turned out, the doctors thought she would only last a couple of months after release from the hospital, but she lasted perhaps seven.

The most important part of this is that she was in a place where the people wre capable of taking care of her. My wife would not have been able to do that, and there would have been awful relations between mother and daughter. While she was in the home, the only relations are the visits. So it is a great help, as these visits are  the high point of the day, and the experience is almost entirely positive. 

My mother can also be stubborn. I know the best place for her is a nursing home, but I worry because of all the horror stories I've heard.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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