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Just Dropping in

Added: Friday, July 12th 2019 at 7:37pm by MarissaG

Well the city finally came today and hauled away the mulch and left soil with grass seeds in it. I can't wait for the seeds to sprout.

They said they are going to plant small trees in the places of the trees they cut down.


I was hired to a part-time job tutoring ESL to students around the world. It is a 24/7 operation and students and tutors can log in at any time. 

It pays 17 cents a minute. You only get paid for the time you are actually speaking to a student. Which means if your logged in and not speaking to students, you are not getting paid.

So far this week I logged in for six hours and made five hours pay. I don't think that is so bad. Afterall, I really can't do much during the day or evening because I am broke. Plus, my sister really doesn't want to take care of my mother if I leave. So, if I spend time online just waiting, I can at least play with my phone until a student logs on and requests me. 

I don't think I could make a living wage with this job, but a couple hundred dollars a week would feel like I am rich. Plus I'll have money to go to dinner and out for drinks with my friends (my brother does take my mother).


I also have an interview for an ESL teaching job. It would be teaching English to students in China. It pays a lot more than the tutoring job. Wish me luck.



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Wishing you luck...A couple hundred bucks a week of play money is nice :)

It sure is.

Hi Marissa, I bet you those trees are slow growing maple trees. They planted some where I live and it took 5 years for them to get any size. So this means I believe if I read correctly you would be going to China. Congs, for the job you will surely get.  Take care. Bro. Doc


I won't be going to China. It is an online teaching  job.

I see. I think that would be hard to do when you teaching a language. How does one see the work the students do and grade their work? Do hope it all works out. Bro. Doc

I won't be going to China. It is an online teaching  job.

Oh wow!  That sounds like a pretty nice gig!  Good luck on the China one!  Yeah... a couple hundred a week can make a huge difference!

Yes, it can. I hope I can do it. My mother makes a lot of noise. My sister goes back to work on week from Monday. I work in the basement to avoid the noise. If my mother is alone she may leave the house.

Good luck, and having a bit of spending money is sure good, hope the new job comes your way.

Thank you. Yes, a bit of money will be helpful. I am hoping I get the new job. I swore I would stay away from education, but it just seems like those are the ones that I am qualified for.

Good luck Marissa in getting more students. It will be hard to concentrate if your sister goes back to work and you are left looking after your mother while you are online. Hope it works out for you. Over here if you are looking after your parent, they pay you so much a week, as it's called being their carer. 

good luck with your teaching   jobs...sounds good...and welll done xx!!!

Small trees sound nice :-)

Good luck with the teaching job.  Keep us updated.

You know already I'm wishing you the very best, my friend.  Good luck, hon!

Good luck on the job you're hoping for.  Any extra money is good, right?

That sounds like a good job. Best of luck in getting it.

Wishing all the best, in getting that job!  And the one you're doing now, is really not that bad.  Whatever brings a few dollars in, is not bad at all!

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