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I tested negative for Covid, but...

Added: Tuesday, January 18th 2022 at 5:40pm by MarissaG

So, I have been sick since Friday.

Sunday through this afternoon were a nightmare. I had my sister's sick dog and my mother to take care of.

My brother took them both today. I get my mother back tomorrow and the dog back on Thursday.

We have no food. I was supposed to go shopping on Monday, but I was and still am snowed in. I'm too sick to shovel the car out.

Just taking the dog out gave me aches and pains. 

I'm alone now, I have congestion and pain. I don't know how I'm going to get mom to Dr appointment tomorrow and Friday to vet on Thursday.

User Comments

Oh Marissa, I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad.  I am, however, glad its not Covid.  Your brother couldn't do those things for you, being that you're so sick?  You definitely need help and someone to get groceries in the house.  Where's your sister?

My sister's overwhelmed at work, can't walk in the snow and can't drive at night. 

Thank you for your concern.

I will be praying for all of you.  Get well soon. ❤

Thank you

You're welcome, my friend.

WTH, Marissa. God needs to get you some caring friends...

One of my friends did drop some stuff off for me. I can't blame my brother too much. He has two kids and a full time job.

Your brother should do that if your not well. And where you live I do not know if they have a bus service for older people or handicapped people that you call 24 hours in advance and they will take you and your Mom to her appt. It the same kind of service that Maggie here does. Sorry you are sick and I will pray for you. Bro. Doc

Now that you mentioned it, I do remember that we  do have that her3. It is too late now.

I am sure it is. You need to make the ride appointments 24 hrs in in advance, and you need to be signed up for it, and have a special card for it. And a medical doctor has to say you can't ride a regular bus.

At least that is what you have to do here in this area.

Hope things work out with this in the future. Take care and have a great day Marissa. Bro. Doc

You have a great day too.

Ty Bro. Doc

So sorry for your illness  Marissa. Prayers sent for you..

Is there a delivery service around there? Such as Wal Mart??? If so, have them deliver by ordering online. It costs a little more, but to me it was worth using.

Thank you for your prayers. There is a delivery service, but my friend brought me a few things. I also ordered take out.

It's still early, añd I am still in bed, but I feel better.

You are welcome. 

Prayers for a fast recovery... here Giant Market a foodchain delivers an order placed on line a $60min with $7 delivery fee...it has been a life saver for me.... and your not an only child so your sis/bro need to step up and do the care when your unable due to illness NO EXCUSES and any preset schedule should be set aside....also there should be a UBER like service for transportation your area ck on facebook for you town site and ask others for it.. I'm rural and have a very active local area of many towns all there to help eachother out...

We do have all that, but it is a lot more expensive here. All the grocery stores use Instacart. It iß convenient, but too expensive for me.

I don't know what to say about my brother and sister. I have had most of the responsibility of my mother since her room mate passed away.

Thank you so much for your concern. Also thank you for your prayers.

If you don't mind waiting for "snail mail" you can order food on line at places like Walmart and have it sent through the mail. Over a certain amount they don't charge you shipping. I've had good luck with them sending me coffee and spices. 

If your chest is congested, well, I took OTC cough syrup and it helped thin out the mucus and if your nose is congested, sinus pills and saline sprays helped JR's nose dry up and it took care of the pressure. Moisture in the air seems to help loosten up everything as well. I got that by simmering (not boiling) a big kettle of water on the stove. (The heat just has to be hot enough to produce steam.) A vaporizer works too. And I practically lived on Ibuprofen when I had the COVID. (you can order that from Walmart too). It thins the blood and I think it might help prevent blood clots plus it gets rid of the aches and pains. And I know it's an old cliche but don't forget to drink plenty of liquids (water, soda pop, juice, coffee, tea, soup, anything that's wet (besides alcohol). They help thin out the mucus too. (If the air's too dry, it tends to get thick.) I don't mean to sound like a doctor here. I'm not one. I just wanted to let you know what helped me. So good luck and I hope you're feeling better soon! 

P.S. Sorry but the comment about dry air should have followed the talk about boiling water. Sometimes my head gets a little jumbled up but what I said still applies. Just don't forget the pan is over a fire and let it boil dry. I always add a little water to mine when I walk out to the kitchen and don't leave the stove on when you go to bed. Bad juju. Could set the house on fire. Now go and get some rest.

Thank you for all of the advice. I feel better today, but I am still congested so I will simmer water. I will check for sinus meds. I should have some.

You're welcome. Meds will relieve the pressure but salt water really does do the best job of drying up a runny nose. Nate put me onto it and it did JR a world of good. And if you have any aromatic oils, I find lavender and eucalyptus did me the most good. You just add about 8 drops of each to the water you have simmering on the stove (and add more whenever you refill the kettle). It makes the house smell nice too. At least I think so.

Amala - good to see you helping. Useful info :)

I'm sorry you're sick.  Can your brother take your mom and dog to their appointments?  You really should stay home and take care of yourself!

My mother missed her very important appointment because no one would help me get out of the driveway. I did get the dog to the vet because an acquaintance had mercy and dug my car out of the snow.

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