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I need help understanding something

Added: Monday, August 12th 2019 at 5:30pm by MarissaG

I am not a Democrat or a Republican although I am very conservative.

My question is why are Republicans so hell bent on shooting down any attempt at gun control?

User Comments

They love gun control. That's why you see them practicing at shooting ranges so often.


Every society were guns have been confiscated from its citizens throughout history, has become more violent. Guns will always be available there are over 80 million illegal ones now floating around. Go study all the countries it took away guns and see how violent they became. So taking away guns is not the answer more regulation is

I didn't know that. 

Recommend you ask Tjdonnegan this question.

Take for instants Marissa, Chicago IL, which has one of the most controlled gun laws. Has the crime rate and shootings gone down? NO. IF we were to tighten owning guns we would have to change the 2nd Amendment. What needs to be tighten is the background checks and make it harder for people to get weapons. Look at countries that removed weapons from the people, and you will see that violent crimes are higher than they use too be. People should be able to defend their homes. But when it is easy for one to have AR-15's semi automatic weapons then that is wrong. make the background checks three times harder than they are and see if we can control whom has what. Broc

Yes, let's take Chicago so you can point once again to POC as genetically prone to violence.  Let's ignore the reality that you can drive from Chicago into Indiana within 30 minutes and pretty much buy any firearm you desire, in any amount or quantity desired, which make the strict gun laws of Chicago irrelevant.

I will say this, we need to have uniform background checks for each state. In stead of one so strick and another not. I guess what we need is a Federal Background check applied to each state. Thart would help. Yes, when the neighboring state doesn't help to make the background checks hard. No matter what anyone place does it will not work. Bro. Doc

see my comment below...


For mass shooters, guns are the handiest way to harm as many as possible in a short amount of time.  Bombs might be used, but that takes expertise and quantities of stuff not as readily available.  In Britain the thugs are now using machetes for terror and to get their angers out..

That's the mechanics.

Truth is that "love" is, generally, not properly taught.  This truth about love says a lot:

" There is not one human misery of any kind, from Adam & Eve right up to the present day & minute, that that has not been from, or was not caused by, either a human defying God/Love, or a human not acting-out in Love for himself and/or others.    Such is the way of sin.  Sin is always foolishness to the nth degree ." (from my book)



Regulating guns will have no more effect than putting a Band-Aid on a cancer.

'Love' nust be properly taught throughtout all cultures. AND, existing gun laws need to be enforced, and prosecutions/punishments severe.

Here's more reliable info.,


Raising a Black Flag Against Red Flag Laws Townhall Sheriff David Clarke - 4:30 pm August 12, 2019

I agree about love and sin.

It is very simple Marissa, gun control does not stop violence, if criminals or mental people want to get hold of a gun they will, very easily, so gun control is a waste of time, we have it here in Australia, and yet we have more killing ever since it was introduced.

I believe something should be done. 

We would all love to live in a safe world Marissa, BUT unfortunately, the world is not safe anymore, and it will always be the evil who get there hands on guns knifes all anything else they want.

I think that only hand guns should be on sale, no rifles unless you are a farmer or a professional hunter. There is no reason why an ordinary citizen should need to own a semi automatic rifle. We don't have guns over here so if someone broke into my home I would use a baseball bat(which I don't have) or spray them in the eyes with something. I am quite glad we don't have guns though. Although I do think the police should have more tazers. 

Hi, hillmate, I'm Robert, nice to meet you. I noticed that you wrote you'd use the baseball bat you don't own as self-defense. I'm the same way, I too would use the baseball bat I don't own. Because I feel no reason to expect someone to break into my home.

I don't believe anyone should own an automatic gun either.

I am so glad you're "over there" rather than here. We have enough people who think they know what's best for everyone else already.

How's that bat or squirt gun gonna work out when someone breaks into your home with a gun that has bullets?

Who are you to tell ordinary citizens what their needs are?

Because gun control WON'T solve the problem.

Shouldn't we at least try. 


The 2nd Amendment indicates that people have the right to bear arms for the sake of having well regulated militias. So, a simple six-shooter I'm o.k. with. Rifles for hunters and farmers too. And requiring the owners of either of a six-shooter or a rifle to be part of a professionally trained and well-regulated militia.

But I'm not ok with any gun semi-automatic or automatic being anywhere except the military.

I'm not ok with automatic guns either. 

Don't care what you're OK with. I'm not OK with my unaccountable Government making more laws and infringing on my rights to appease people like you.

So you're not OK with police or Government agencies having semi or auto weapons then?

If people only had regular guns the police wouldn't need them. At least I think the need for them would be way less.

If only we could magically make criminals not want guns. I'm not sure you're thinking this through. Our Government has militarized our police under the guise of terror threats, not gun violence.

I could agree that my neighbor doesn't need a grenade launcher, but then neither does a police department in small town America. The Government and local police certainly did not show any "need" for doing what they have done.

Where is the concern for trigger happy police killing dogs all over America? I know FAR more responsible gun owners than that.

You're right, I wasn't thinking it through.  I didn't realize all that.

Simple. Politicians are elected to do what their constituents want. Those who vote Republican want them to protect their Constitutional gun rights.

You're right. 

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