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OneAndOnlyMSJ JaddieBlue

Vietnam - October 2019 - Da Nang - Mr Anh Restaurant

Added: Saturday, December 7th 2019 at 8:26am by Maria

Across the road from the local market we found this local restaurant where we decided to have lunch.  The front fascade was very deceiving, it looked like a small and cosy restaurant but in fact once inside it turned out to be HUGE!!

There were a lot of different sections, some with informal table and bench seats...

and areas with proper tables and chairs...

Asians with their cellphones.....the next generation will evolve a serious deformation of the neckbones, I swear!!!!

there was a courtyard complete with koi pond...

buildings inside a building....yes, this is inside the restaurant.

with festive lanterns that would look very pretty at night...

This is one of those restaurants where you can order your meal either from a menu brought to your table or you can go up to the kitchen window situated in the front of the restaurant and order your meals from there...

The menu is above the counter, these are for the meal "sets" which include rice and a beautiful broth that comes with whatever dish you choose.

Paul decided to order one of those meal sets, oven roasted chicken leg with a spiced turmeric rice.

I forgot to take photos of each meal as it came to our table so by the time I remembered, most of the dishes had already been tucked into.

In fact Paul had already eaten most of that roasted chicken leg, and the sauteed morning glory with garlic is almost all gone.

The beef with 4 different kinds of mushrooms was really good...

we all got a bowl of one of the best broths I have ever had, we use the broth to wet our rice.  There is always a bowl of chilli and soy accompaniment to every meal...

and of course a bowl of steamed rice...

This is the sauteed morning glory, you can see the garlic sitting on top of the greens.

Paul trying to use chopsticks to pick up his rice, a very futile attempt.....he didnt even know how to hold the chopsticks in his hand...lol.

By Asian standards, this is not a flashy "international standard" restaurant, it caters mainly to the locals and the food is ultra cheap but oh so delicious and authentic.

It is a very pleasant place to hang out for drinks (we had beer and wine) long after the meal is over, especially when there is torrential rain going on outside.

(to be continued....)

User Comments

I have a question that seems to fit in here.  Do they have fried rice in Asia?  I don't like regular white rice...but like it fried or doctored some way or other.  (I go to an Indian resturant and order a small side bowl of wasabi sauce to put on my steamed rice in order to be able to eat it...LOL)

Otherwise, it is obvious it was good from the pictures.  all the food that is gone...LOL

yes fried rice originated in China and every Asian country has it's own version of it. Even middle eastern countries have theirs called pilaf or pilau.  Rice is never eaten on it's own, it is used as a filler to bulk up meals and provide carbs like eating bread or potatoes.  Rice always comes with a bowl of delicious broth or soup and is always teamed up with curries, stews and casseroles and also stir fries. It is never eaten on it's own because it is just bland and practically tasteless.

Why, apparently my taste is that of most Asians...who knew...LOL

I could eat a bowl of Chinese fried rice and nothing else for breakfast lunch or dinner...lol.  It's got Chinese sausage, eggs, green onions, lots of garlic and flavored with soy sauce...yuuuummmm!!

Image result for shanghai fried rice

There is a place when I lived in Denver Co in the early 80, that each section of the dinning room was set up different. One Mexican, western, fishing, and one with snow. It was an interesting place too eat and was hugh. These pictures reminded me of it. So what kind of Veggie things did Jo eat? Bro. Doc

She had mushrooms, morning glory sauteed in garlic and she also had the soup with rice.

That sounds very good, and very healthy also. Bro. Doc

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