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Vietnam - October 2019 - Da Nang - Champa Sculpture Museum and Halloween at Starbucks

Added: Monday, December 9th 2019 at 4:37am by Maria

After lunch we headed to the Champa Sculpture Museum because on a wet and windy day, a little bit of culture never hurt anyone.

Jo and Paul are always fascinated with all the different Asian cultures and galleries and museums are a source of fascination and interest for them.

Me, I'm not much into museums but not so that I would never go to any. I must admit I enjoyed looking at the ancient relics of sculptures in this museum excavated from My Son dating back to the 4th Century.

It's amazing how sophisticated their art was, all those many centuries ago.

Amazing also is how well preserved these sculptures were.

Many in the west have this perceived image of Vietnam as a primitive country and many probably never even realized the richness and diversity and intelligence of their culture.

they built elaborate temples that have the most mind-boggling architectural designs and the knowledge of how to build them with such precision long before man even dreamt of flying in airplanes.

These sculptures were excavated from the Champa Temple in Ninh Thuan Province.

the gallery also had other exhibits like this buffalo cart....

exhibits also of the clothes they wore

and the spinning of their threads to make the fabrics...

anthropological exhibits....

It was quite a large and very nice museum, well worth the visit.

After the museum, we decided to go for coffee at one of Da Nang's big modern shopping malls as the rain kept bucketing down outside.

We crossed the dragon bridge but couldnt really see much of it because of the torrential rain.

This is what the Dragon Bridge looks like on a bright sunny day....

they were not gonna get any customers sitting outside for coffee on this day...lol.

water from the river was getting very close to the top of the road...

We walked around the mall for a bit, lots of designer stores, cafes and gift shops and an ice rink on the top floor!

yep, just because you're in a hot tropical country in Asia, doesnt mean you cant go ice-skating!!!!

I dont know if you can see it clearly, these kids are using safety props shaped like animals such as penguins and whales to hold onto while learning how to skate.  They were so cute!!

We found a Starbucks on the first floor and stopped in for frappuccinos where some kids were all decked out in their Halloween costumes and make-up.  Yes, that day was Thursday, Halloween Day.

they were very happy to have their pictures taken.

So even though we were extremely disappointed at Ba Na Hills Tour being cancelled, and despite the torrential storm outside, we had a pretty good day after all.

The vehicle with driver cost us less than US$50.00 for the whole day so it was worth it.

(to be continued....)

User Comments

I remember the rain for sure. Coming down in buckets in a few minutes you were soaked too the skin. Nice pictures of the museum. Bro. Doc.

Thanks Bro Doc....{#basic-laugh.gif}

Love the pictures!  I could very well have gotten lost in their Museum, with absolutely no problems.  It was my kind of art works, which I love to see.

Thank you Miss Ellie, glad you enjoyed the tour in that wonderful museum...{#basic-laugh.gif}

I include myself when I say that Westerners are so blind to the culture of other parts of the world.  So many areas had or have very advanced cultures.  Eqypt was once the tip of the list and Vietnam had a thriving culture too.

It does us good to see that.

It never ceases to amaze me how Americans who would have more opportunities than most to travel the world and experience the different cultures around the planet are among the least who actually do it. There are many who dont even realize there are places and people on the planet they have never heard of.

I did not  know they had Holloween. 

Love the art, statues, pics too.

it stems back to when the Americans were in Vietnam during the war Wendi, and it's fun so why not!!...{#basic-laugh.gif}

That was a nice museum to walk around in on a nasty wet day...{#basic-smile.gif}

 That would make sense.

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