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Just Saying........

Added: Saturday, October 17th 2020 at 5:16am by Maria


Have a good weekend everyone!!




User Comments

Hear hear!  Sadly this message seems to have got lost in the politics at the moment.

yes it is sad that people would label others a communist or socialist in a very derogatory manner just because you want the best for everyone.  I know exactly how that feels because I have been accused of being a communist but if wanting what is best for everyone makes me whatever they want to accuse me of, so be it.

Currenlty re-reading a book by Robert Conquest.  "The Harvest of Sorrows."


I think more should read it.

Hello there. It's Robert again. How's things?

I saw your remark to Maria and I couldn't resist. Tell us a bit about "The Harvest of Sorrows", please.

I will look for it, thank you fangio...{#basic-laugh.gif}

It a factual account of the period during Stalin's rule when he forced kolkhoz - state farms - on the poeple of Russia and followed it by the systematic murder of as many Ukrainians by stravation as he was able.  Millions died.

sounds depressing but much of history is, unfortunately.

The weird thing is that I was born in abject poverty.  I know what it is like, that makes me want to have a less vulturistic society.  Some seem to move in the opposite direction.

I guess I am saying you sum it up well, not that I am necessarily saying I am not good a person in lots of ways.

you dont necessarily have to be born into abject poverty to know what it is to want what is good for people in general. If you have a good heart and feel empathy towards others, that makes you a good and decent person...{#basic-laugh.gif}

True, but I think the fact informs me...just as being part of a minority teaches me something.

Just an observation---if I didn't have the healthcare I have I would have died 21 years ago--now some may wicsh I hadn't had it but I did and I wish everyone had it--even my 'enemies'! :O)

that's because you are a good and decent person....{#giveflowers.gif}

Hi You might not remember me, I used to be on here years ago, I couldn't get back on but Oakey gave me one of his profiles - I was Scarletts Letters. I hope you're well over there and doing well :)

yes HI, I do remember you, you're an Aussie if I remember.  How the heck are you? It's good to see you here again so thanking Oakey for giving you one of his profiles....{#basic-laugh.gif}

I'm good, bit bored - cause - yanno - lockdown but Dan lifted that today I'm going to go down to St Kilda peer on the way to the beach, hug a penguin, tell him I'll never leave again and cry on it's shoulder. 

Hey I was doing some uni work in WA at the SKA out at Murchison, and before ScoMo cut the budget I was going to get a job there after I finish my thesis. Oh well, guess I'll be a barmaid instead. :) 

TBH I just want a holiday, I was booked in to go to Viet Nam when this happend I lost 2/3 of the money too. #%*&ing Qantas!!

I was going to suggest you come to WA for a holiday but our premier is still keeping our borders closed for the time being.

I am supposed to be on my trans Siberian train journey from St Petersburg in Russia, across Mongolia and ending in Beijing China right this minute.  I am so pissed that I couldnt make it, one of my bucket list trips I have been looking forward to for decades.  I've postponed it to May next year but it seems as though we will not be able to travel overseas until the end of next year so I dont know when it's gonna happen.

I love that you can go down to the beach and hug a penguin....{#basic-laugh.gif}

Say hi to St Kilda for me will you.  Loved the place when I visited.

Haha yeah and Clive Palmer is trying to do a Trump and get money out of you, creepy trump wannabe that one. 

There's a fair chance i'll go over there again if reastrictions lift, it'd be nice to catch up, unless your on one of your amazing trips. The Trans Siberian railway! What a fantastic idea! I do like train trips but I've only been on a few short ones, in Oz. You'll get to see a big chunk of the earth in one trip!

I'm pretty sure if I tried to hug one I'd either be arrested or pecked. They have nests down on the retaining wall at St Kilda marina, such little cuites! 

Awesome, I spent most of my teens in St Kilda its a lovely suburb. Nice to meet you by the way. 

Dennis Prager had an interesting idea. A young person when asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" should answer, "I want to be a good person."

they should want to be a good person when they grow up but they have to learn what it is to be a "good person" which one would hope they have decent parents who will teach them...

Maria, I'd rather call a person "decent" for wanting that. I'm more than leery of words like "good" and "bad".

It's utopian though, so it is, wanting that. Please don't make yourself mad [I mean mad the way people used to use it, I don't mean "angry"] putting more-than-it's-worth striving into it.


"decent" works for me.....{#basic-laugh.gif}

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