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Can You Relate???

Added: Wednesday, October 9th 2019 at 4:10am by Maria




User Comments

Hmmm, it says "This video is private"

sorry about that, try again.

Private? Doesn't work Maria. Bro. Doc

Sorry Bro Doc. You may try again, I fixed it.

Thank you Maria, and this was very good. Glad to see it. Bro. Doc

No can watch.  It says "If the owner of this video has granted you access, please sign in."

Sorry Dani, please try again.

Awwwww this was so darn touching and emotional.  I swear I could have cried.  Thank you for sharing, Maria.

Private video :-(

Sorry Jaddie, I fixed it..please try again.

Lovely Maria.  Glad l got to see it.


it is!!!...{#basic-laugh.gif}


sure is!!...{#basic-laugh.gif}

The moral of the story... buy a dog and be happy. {#dancing6.gif}

no, dont buy, rescue from a shelter!!...{#dancing6.gif} {#dancing6.gif} {#dancing6.gif}


Oh yeah, you're right. {#basic-cool.gif} RESCUE...

aw' this was lovely/touching... {#floating.gif}

{#floating.gif} {#floating.gif}

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