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Bucket List Trip 2019 - Canada - Toronto City and the Whirlpool

Added: Friday, July 12th 2019 at 4:02am by Maria

Day 2

Toronto / Niagara Falls Excursion

This morning we meet our fellow travellers at breakfast before setting out to discover the many identities of the Canada‚Äôs most cosmopolitan city. After seeing the provincial parliament buildings, the waterfront, the imposing CN Tower and lively Chinatown, we leave the city and head for the Niagara Peninsula. We pass through outlying communities and towns along the shores of Lake Ontario en route to Niagara Falls. Time is allocated to admire the falls and take part in some of Niagara Falls numerous activities. Overnight in Toronto. Canadian breakfast included.


Sunday morning, the first day of our tour group's adventures started with a quick tour of Toronto City on the way to Niagara Falls via The Whirlpool.

It was a very quiet, gloomy and cold morning as we set out at 8am, the streets were pretty empty.

I took these photos from inside the coach so there's a bit of reflection on the glass window.

there were some nice parks but as you can see the trees are still in winter mode even though this is in May which should be spring.

I can imagine how lovely it would look on a bright sunny day, the leaves all green and flowers everywhere.

Lots of houses like this which I really like...

We headed to the Lake Ontario waterfront....

It was so gloomy which doesnt make for nice photos...

but we got out of the bus anyway for a few minutes to take some shots of the waterfront, bitterly cold as it was.  These are some of the folks in my tour group, all really nice people.

it just looked like a huge storm was rolling in, not a good start to the tour.

We got back on the bus and headed towards Niagara Falls with a stop at the Whirlpool along the way.  The weekend traffic was quite heavy and it took almost two hours to get there.

saw some nice houses outside the city...

even cute little ones that just looked so homely...

We arrived at The Whirlpool and the car park was almost empty, at least the tulips brightened up the place a little bit.

there's a coffee shop and a little souvenir store...

This is where you get your ticket for the ride across but it was closed on this day because of the weather I guess.

Some facts.....

The Niagara Whirlpool is a natural whirlpool along the Niagara

River located along the U.S. and Canadian border between New

York and Ontario.

The whirlpool is located in the Niagara Gorge, downstream from Niagara Falls.

The whirlpool's greatest depth is 125 feet.

I love the color of the water...

this is the launching pad for the aero car that takes you across to the other side.

I'm not sure I would do this little ride....

I guess on a nicer day it might not be so bad...

Borrowed photos from the web.....I guess it looks safe enough.

definitely better on a nice sunny day...

As long as the cables dont break....lol.

I took a short video....



Next stop, Niagara Falls!!

User Comments

Tha aero car would be a cool ride... yeah, as long as the cables didn't break. 

I very seriously doubt I would get on.....lol.

There are some trees in North America that do not bloom until June. I think these are some. If you were there this year. This is when Canada and lots of the midwest and east coast had lots of cold weather past the normal time. It still is beautiful. Bro. Doc

Yes I was there in May of this year and you're right, even though it was already supposed to be spring, Canada was still in "winter" mode.  It is a very beautiful country as you will see from the pictures I upload when we start heading west, the Rockies are breath-taking!!!!

I have been through the Rockies, and through Divide Colorado, on the train, and yes it is very beautiful for sure. Bro. Doc

Very beautiful scenery.  I have no problem riding cable cars, but its always in the back of mind, hoping and praying the cable doesn't break, lol.  The water looks sooo inviting!

Wait till you see the scenery when we start heading west, the Rockies are breath-taking!!!!

Can't wait!

Pretty shots...I especially like the house outside town....always liked big old houses.  Used to want to live in one, but now the smaller the better.  )

How come it was so cold ??, I'm just trying to get my old grey matter into gear, wasn't the start of summer or am I still on a Mindy break down {#basic-undecided.gif} , the wind, and waters look a bit jumpy for my tummy, but I love the green grass.

No, May is still spring in the northern hemisphere and it came late this year, most of Canada was still in "winter" mode as you will see from the photos I will be uploading as we go across Canada to Vancouver.

Oh right. OK.

Great pics Maria.  Enjoyed seeing them.  Not so sure about the ride - don't think l would be brave enough to risk it lol.

Just as well it wasnt open that day, I would hate to be the only one who chickened out...lol.

l doubt if you would have chickened out Maria :-)

I have a very intense fear of heights JB, so it would have taken me a lot to get on one...lol.

l would be a bit like that myself.

I was in Toronto once. I'd rather poke needles in my eyes than ever go again.

oh my, that's a little bit harsh...lol. What happened to you in Toronto?

It was just that is is an ugly big cities. I hate cities.

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