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Bucket List Trip 2019 - Canada - Lillooet

Added: Tuesday, August 20th 2019 at 12:36am by Maria

Approximately 2 hours drive from Kamloops on the way to Whistler, our next stop was at this little town of Lillooet.



Lillooet, formerly Cayoosh Flat, is a community on the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada, about 240 kilometres up the British Columbia Railway line from Vancouver.

Founded as Mile 0 on the wagon road leading to the Cariboo and Barkerville gold fields, Lillooet was a child of the Gold Rush, like so many Cariboo towns. Serving as a terminus for boat routes across Harrison and Anderson Lakes, at the start of the first Cariboo Road, the town had swelled to almost 15,000 residents within twenty years of its founding.

Originally known as Cayoosh Flat because of the good grazing that cayuses (Indian Ponies) found there, the town was renamed in the mid 1860s in honour of the Leelwat First Nations people who live in the region.

Rockhounds and history buffs will find Lillooet to be an academic treasure. Lillooet has one of the most pleasant climates in Canada, a combination of the sunny skies of the BC interior with the moderating influences of the coast.



Dramatic scenery of mountains and rivers brought us into this cute quiet little town...

the hotel for tourists who might want to stop for the night...

unusual buildings....

the local bakery...

The Royal Canadian Legion Office.

The Royal Canadian Legion is a non-profit Canadian ex-service organization founded in 1925. Membership includes people who have served as military, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, provincial and municipal police, Royal Canadian Air, Army and Sea Cadets, direct relatives of members and also affiliated members.

The Royal Canadian Legion is committed to making a difference in the lives of Veterans and their families, providing essential services in the communities, and remembering the men and women who sacrificed for their country.

gas station and convenience store..

Jade Museum

a local resident passing time on the porch

public conveniences....

and a local museum....

complete with a very nice totem pole....

a beautiful display of huge jade rocks....


(to be continued....)


User Comments

Beautiful photos.

Thank you Marissa!!...{#basic-laugh.gif}

Looks like he kind of town I would enjoy driving though...and making a very brief stop.  maybe take the time to see the Museum--on my way to a city...LOL.

it was a brief stop but I did go inside the museum which was fascinating. Doing a separate blog of it tomorrow, took lots of photos inside.

I like when museums let you take pictures....some don't unfortunately.

yes, that's one of the reasons I dont bother going into museums on my travels and also there's lots of photos on google images anyway...lol.

Everything is beautiful.  The mountains....spectacular, as there are no mountains in my state.  I love mountains.

They do create a beautiful scenery Dani, especially when they are snow-capped.

Lovely pictures Maria, the Museum looks from the outside like it might have been a church once with the colored windows. Bro. Doc

It used to be an Anglican Church Bro Doc.  Lots of interesting stuff inside.

I thought it had been an Assembly by the way it was designed Maria. Bro. Doc

You know, every time we go through the Fraser Canyon we pass by Lillooet. I must have passed by that place 200 times. With a lttle luck I will keep driving past it without stopping.

it is slightly boring I guess but when it's time for morning tea and you can smell fresh bread from the bakery a mile away, it's not a tough decision to make...lol.  I did enjoy looking around inside the museum, lots of interesting stuff in there.

Well ... we are always in a hurry to get there, whereever there is so we never stop

I love those Jade rocks. Nice pics.

Thanks Wendi. I do too, jade is one of my favorite gem stones. All this time I thought it was only found in China.  I couldnt believe it when I saw that these are Canadian jade.

 How are the prices of stuff in Canada?

I didnt do very much shopping except for souvenirs Wendi as I was on a very tight budget. The souvenirs were reasonably priced as were meals at restaurants.

 I was curious as I was told it was expensive. Have a great day.

Thanks, you too!!....{#basic-laugh.gif}

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