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Amazing Places on our beautiful planet you may not heard of (part 2)

Added: Wednesday, October 13th 2021 at 5:58pm by Maria


This beautiful paradise is in my own home country, the Philippines.

Most people think of tropical islands being in the south pacific or Hawaii or the Caribbean and many dont realise how many beautiful ones are all around Asia.

Philippines has many such islands that are simply stunning.


Boracay is a small island in the central Philippines. It's known for its resorts and beaches.

Along the west coast, White Beach is backed by palm trees, bars and restaurants.

On the east coast, strong winds make Bulabog Beach a hub for water sports. Nearby, the observation deck on Mount Luho offers panoramic views over the island.

Offshore, coral reefs and shipwrecks are home to diverse marine life



How would you like to own/live in one of these houses?

swimming in this beautiful lagoon must be heavenly!!

I hope they keep the beautiful resort hotels to a minimum.

and tourists help the economy but I hope they help to keep the island clean.

Even the sunsets are stunning

Can you tell how much I am missing my overseas trips?

Good news is, our government is thinking of opening the borders to international travel in November this year. 

I cant wait!!!




User Comments

Wow! this is beautiful Maria. I will be right over and we can both go see it. Bro. Doc

Wow, I am amazed by the blue water and the bright sunshine.

Heaven right here on Earth. Beautiful pics.

I would love to see the homes settings in the mountains--how they are set!!

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