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Update on my boring life!

Added: Wednesday, May 16th 2012 at 6:44pm by LadyEmme
Category: About Me
Related Tags: road trip

Sheesh! I'm so horrible on getting on here :(
So how is everyone doing!?

Hmm... what's new in my life!?
Well I got into the business of being a beauticontrol consultant and it's been going good! What I do is sell stuff, but I have Spa partys for everyone to try out the products and if anyone is interested, let me know and I'll send you a link to check out the products!
It's slow going trying to get started but I do have some parties lined up so very thankful for that!
I clean our Laundrymat in our trailer park every mondey, am helping a friend clean a building stairs and downstairs every tuesday for the month of May!

Finally got my van and have started to drive... then the back brakes decided to BREAK!!
I about freaked out when the van wasn't stopping at the stop sign, the brake pedal went all the way to the floor before it caught! Talk about heart stopping pounding moment!
Then right after that, a bee hit my window and fell into my lap while I was driving! And I'm like cluntching the steering wheel yelling "Get it off me!! get if off me!!". Fact: I HATE ANY TYPE OF BEE!!!!!!!!

I applied for a job in Colorado and I actually didn't even fill the entire application out, I was applying more for the fun of it, but I actually got a phone call today saying they wanted to give me a phone interview tomorrow morning! (kind nervous!)
If I get this job it will be a AMAZING! I will know then that it is God's plan for us to move! NERVOUS about getting it and nervous about Not getting it. To funny! LOL
My husband and I helped my friend Heather, (You remember her right? went through that horrible time and now were friends again and have forgiven each other lol. God is amazing!)
But anyway, she lived up in another town and we helped her move to our town. She only has her permit so guess who had to drive her car back home? ME! I was SCARED! I don't have a lot of driving under my belt but I did it! The only time I really freaked out was when I was right beside a huge semi and when out of No Where a road cone decided to fly into the road and in my lane and I had to run it over :*(
Very proud of myself that I DID NOT SWERVE!! We were on the highway, and even though there actually wasn't a lot of traffic we were still only a car length or two up from a Semi! SCARY!! I think my heart froze lol
But her car was awesome to dry!!

I have to come up with a hundred dollars to replace the back brakes, not to happy about that... specially since our other car (It's a stick so I can't drive it yet) the wheels on it are seriously needing to be replaced... UGH!

So how is everyone doing!!?

Nothing's changed on my in laws side. The girls are still the worse and so is my soon to be sister in law.

User Comments

If I wasn't on the opposite corner of the country in Florida, I'd offer to sponsor a spa party for you...lol  Hope that is all coming along and you're making at least a few bucks at it.

As far as the in-laws????  Hey...just ignore them and don't worry about it.  It's their loss if they choose not to accept you.  Jonathon loves you and wants to be with you...so it doesn't matter what they think.

Woah, you with a driver's liscence...or you behind th' wheel. I feel so safe livin' across th' country when you ain't on th' road, with you runnin' stop lights! I'm sure you will manage tuh cause a traffic jam so big, it'll get stopped up to here, LOL! But that's cool...it's good that yer stayin' busy an' whatnot.

Jus' take a bike course an' ride a motorcycle. Cheaper an' more fun! {#basic-laugh.gif} Glad yer doin' alright.

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