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Emotions are out of control

Controversial Content
Added: Monday, November 30th 2020 at 4:42pm by LadyEmme
Category: About Me
Related Tags: emotion, depression

I feel like I am drowning in a deep deep thick fog with no way out, I'm just stuck there.
My emotions feel absolutely out of control... and I am ALWAYS a person who is in control.
Now that my emotions are out of control, I feel out of control and I don't know what to do anymore.

One day I'm okay, and i'm making it through. I'm not happy but I'm okay.
The next day I am filled with SO much anger I want to lash out and be mean.
The next day I feel so completely filled with grief I can't hardly get out of bed.
The next day I am so utterly filled with anger and negavitity that is all that consumes my thoughts. I am bitter and filled with hateful.
The next day I feel completely empty and filled with nothing.
The next day I am jittery and flashing through all the emotions at once that I want to scream and tear off my skin and make it bleed.

I just want it to stop. I can't go on like this and I don't know how to handle it.. I do not want to be put on medication as I react to almost all meds terribly and I don't feel like it would help.

I believe in exercise and I feel like that would help and before I would be able to push myself to do that but now I feel so utterly lost and devoid of motivation that I just can't quite accomplish it.

My sleeping patterns is completely off and I feel utterly exhausted all the time.

I can sleep eight hours to 16 hours and I'm tired. I can sleep 3 to 6 hours and I'm tired.

I HATE waking up feeling full of choas and automatically bawling my eyes out.


What the fuck is wrong with me?? Why am I like this, why can't I get out of it??

I just feeling like I am chaotically drowning.

User Comments

Jesse Kearns , Math198 Home Pages

Is that something that you do to help your mind go calm? Math problems?

Oh gawd. I've forgotten what inspired me to post that pic for you. Something in your post...non sequitors...

Oh, I don't even see a picture?? :/

The world as a whole is in chaos and this tends to create Depression in others as it adds to our own chaos..... The best thing A Walk In Nature Away From People and Traffic even it it is what another person just walk don't talk.. Sit on the bare earth to ground yourselves and re-balance or walk barefoot... Earthing is scientifically and medically known to heal us if we do this daily even several times a day. Feel better and release tension

That sounds incredible... I feel like maybe that is what I need. To reground myself, to release the tension and all the emotions, but trying to figure out how seems impossible... Maybe I just need barefeet in the earth and a release.

if your weather permits yes barefoot is always best....and ask for your guidance to help you..they too need to know they aren't taken for granted even tho always there for us.{#giveflowers.gif}

I have several inches of snow at the moment so that would be a bit cold LOL! but hopefully soon!
What guidance are you talking about?

when you meditate ask for Guidance for your Guardian Angle or Higher Self for information how to heal your emotions...... and seek some online natural remedies...I find most females need Sam-E you can get at any drug store.

Ahh I see. Yes I am definitely doing that. I have not heard of Sam-E, I will look that up also!

Best advice is not to take advice from random nutters on the internet.

I am a random nutter.   A manic-depressive.  (They call it bi-polar these days.)

Your symptoms sound very much like my own when experiencing a mixed episode.  Beware of SamE...if you are bipolar it can make your manic symptoms far worse, even to the point of becoming delusional.

You say you don't want to go on meds?  Then include over-the-counter stuff with that statement, these aren't even fully tested so never assume they are safe and/or effective.  Some are, some aren't.

At the very least, make a doctor's appointment and tell them what's going on.  It could be a problem with your thyroid or hormone levels or any manner of other easily treated issues.

Me?  I use small amounts of cannabis (NOT CBD but real CANNABIS) to manage my emotions, a puff or two lifts me when I am too deep in the dumps and also calms me when I'm too excitable or angry.   I am not suggesting you try it, just letting you know it worked for me even though it took me almost 20 years to figure that out, lol.

Good luck, hope ya feel better soon!

Hahahah Thank you!

I don't even take over the counter meds very much. I react terrible to most medications or become immune to it so it is easier to just not take anything lol.
I do need to talk to my doctor but trying to figure out if I want a new doctor or not to address this issue. I feel like I am crazy lol.

Hell yeah! I'm glad you found something that helps!! <3

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