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It will be a day

Added: Tuesday, April 23rd 2019 at 7:07am by Jollyonehere

I had to shut my window last night. It got just a tad too chilly to leave it open. That makes me sad. But I am quite early for fresh breezes this year. Thank God I do not live next to a farm that has cows or God forbid Pigs. I did grow up on a farm and rented on a pig farm. Those stinky days are over.

I hope.

I was so sad to read how opening your windows means trouble. I am glad I live in an area where I do not have to live in fear. Put decorative bars on your windows if you are afraid but please.....get them open! Air out your house and your life!

User Comments

I've aired out my house back in February and March. I love the windows open from one end to the other. Its so refreshing!

I open as soon as I can and leave them open all summer.

My front door is open this morning

Mine was on Sunday afternoon.

closed them last night, town has ethanol plant and serious odors


When it's nice and breezy, our front and back doors are open, and the windows on the screen doors, are opened wide, to air out our house.  It's at night when things are locked up, with us on the inside.


You shut the window on my fingers .... frustrated

did not.

did to 

did not



too, to.

Not too

When you feel water running down your nose, you make think it's water, but it's not.


When the sun shines l open all the windows in my house.  l love the fresh air coming in.

I open them even during gentle rains.

Long wait for the caffeine loading.

I know! Damn thing!

I love it when all my doors and windows are open and I have to block the inside doors from slamming shut as the wind rushes through.  and then summer comes with average 105 degrees and everything closed up til fall.  now is beautiful..

I just love having my home OPENED up. Windows and doors...

I don't even mind the dusting afterwards.

Ashes to Ashes.

Dust to Dust.

I do not dust.

It may be someone I know.

Besides, I dusted once.

It came back.

I am NOT falling for THAT again!

I know right  lol

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