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Halfway up my tire

Added: Tuesday, February 12th 2019 at 7:11am by Jollyonehere

and those are 18" rims. You do the math.

Almost up to my knees. Granted I'm short but still.....

User Comments

Don't make me do math.

18" tires, halfway up = LEVEL 3 SNOW EMERGENCY = NO WORK!  NO SCHOOL!  NO DRIVING!

{#apploud.gif}  Yay me!


....and yet here I sit at work.


Today the car is stuck in my driveway.

Oh, do enjoy.

I would if it was Friday and I knew I could just go to his house and spend the weekend.

We are almost dug out from the great Texas blizzard of 2019 ... 

Image result for skiff of snow

I feel your pain

Smartass.  (And I mean that in the best possible way.){#flag.gif}



Sending it along to you dearie....

I know. I shoveled twice all ready

That's a lot of snow.  We've got more snow coming in.  Supposed to be here by Thursday Evening and going through Friday.  That silly old Groundhog lied when he said Spring would be coming early.

you would believe an groundhog?

of course they can be more accurate that some of the weathermen on TV....


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