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You shall not fail, however He may assail you. There is still Love in the World.

Added: Thursday, November 7th 2019 at 4:55am by Jayyyohhh
When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender
This I could not do
I took my gun and vanished.
I have changed my name so often
I've lost my wife and children
But I have many friends
And some of them are with me
An old woman gave us shelter
Kept us hidden in the garret
Then the soldiers came
She died without a whisper
There were three of us this morning
I'm the only one this evening
But I must go on
The frontiers are my prison
Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing
Through the graves the wind is blowing
Freedom soon will come
Then we'll come from the shadows
-The Partisan, Leonard Cohen

User Comments

Prolific artist there J. Didn't he collaborate with Jimmy Page on this?

I believe Page produced it. I know that gorgeous riff is Dave Gilmours. He asked Harper and Townshend both if they could give it a lyric, they both did but he couldn't relate to either so just left it to them. 

Not Page drifting through that Marshall either, but Harpers' 16 year old son. Since that's who it's to, a nice touch. 

Picture being such an awesome guitarist you can just give something like this away. 

The Townshend song is called White City Fighting, also excellent.

Love the words to this.

Jayyyohhh,  I am just passing through wanted to say  enjoy the rest of your Friday.  Jamesnews

Thanks James, you too:)

{#heart.gif} {#heart.gif} {#heart.gif}


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