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Take The Happiness, Gimme The Cancer

Added: Friday, March 24th 2023 at 12:30pm by Jayyyohhh

The Party hit the beach of the crossed palms on the Isle of Kali tonight, 7x70 paces west should be the lost treasure trove of Longstache, the last Pirate King. They had to wade through a greeting party of 15 giant leeches for their foothold though. About a quarter of the expedition was killed, and White Wolf level drained to 1st level, poor guy. Bilgebottom lost a couple too. At least they salvaged the excavation equipment, and the Amazon Archers all pulled through. They’ll need both.

I was in Cuba last week with the whole tribe. I brought Inferno, Holmes, and a couple copies of Greyharp in case my nieces were interested…and one rainy day they were, Martha the Witch had a nice tea with Cassandra…but there’s so many other things of course.

Regardless the daycare coordinator or child entertainment capitano or whatever was absolutely excellent with the kids, has a couple younguns and I gave her the Greyharps and a couple sets of dice on the way out. Maybe just seeds thrown onto rocks. Maybe nothing new to them at all.

Imagining going back to that achingly beautiful and terribly sad country ten years from now and hearing about this strange Cubans & Conquistadors homebrew made me smile over my rum, a little bit.

Bought the God Damn cigars, came home.

User Comments

This is...a fiction?

I used to have a box of Cuban Cigars from way back...  given to me by an Uncle and lost in a house fire. :/


Went south of the border about 20 years ago, maybe longer, can't remember, but did come home with a bunch of cuban cigars...what a treat!!!!

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