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How Much Pain Do You Want?

Added: Tuesday, March 21st 2023 at 4:31am by Jayyyohhh


The zero interest rate environment initiated by the Federal Reserve in an effort to stimulate the U.S. economy has resulted in the FED boxing itself into a corner. They created bubbles that were guaranteed to pop.

The businesses and institutions that were surviving due to those policies are now failing because the FED raised interest rates to signal that they're doing something about inflation. 

No matter what they do it's gonna hurt people badly. Surely someone predicted this?

Which would you prefer? Worse inflation, or businesses/institutions to fail?

User Comments

That's a good question. Which would I "prefer?" I don't want businesses to fail because they sell me what I need to live but at the same time I don't want prices to go up because I'm having trouble enough as it is. 

Looks like the FED has made its decision and once again it's the banks. Inflation, money printing, and devaluation of the dollar through QE infinity are the immediate future until people revolt.

But I'm tired of revolting, and I'm tired of trouble and I'm tired of other people revolting. Screaming about things doesn't change things. It just makes them harder to deal with. I'm more in favor of assuming a calmer attitude about everything.  

There has been no revolt to this point and I'm not hoping for one. Violence is not the answer.

People are screaming for reasons and a calmer attitude won't fix anything as the evidence shows. They are not interested in dealing with you at all. Recognizing that is the best course of action. Some are shouting, others are calmly and methodically fighting back. 

Um, I think the Federal Reserve shouldn't exist at all. I don't think banks should be borrowing money from the government. And I think interest and inflation are forms of usury.

Of course it shouldn't exist. It's not Federal, and it's not constitutional. 

The FED doesn't borrow money from the Government, it tells the U.S. Treasury how much to print. The Congress is powerless to stop the QE practices regardless of desire, so the only answer is to abolish the FED.

Inflation is just a hidden tax with not so hidden causes, but interest in the way its used by the IMF for example, is for sure usury.

The first step in causing the Federal Reserve to unexist is to convince a substantial supermajority of citizens to stop voting for both the Republicans and the Democrats.

Then, they must be convinced to vote for a singular political party that is genuinely determined to abolish the Federal Reserve. Candidates for the House, the Senate and the presidency.

Then legislation would have to be passed and signed by that president.


Ugh. And don't get me started on the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court has no authority to strike laws.

It's a permanent clusterfuck, Jay.

Voting for Democrats and Republicans isn't the problem on this issue. It's the leadership who keeps killing the bills to audit the FED for example.

It started with two co-sponsors in 2009, it now has 320 in the house, most of them Republicans. Abandoning the efforts now would be foolish, and especially since those efforts have opened Americans eyes to the reckless policies of the FED. You don't get from 2 to 320 because it isn't working. It's just slow, like anything and everything that ever attempts to reign in Government.

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