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The Real Nazis Have Arrived, They Call Themselves Progressives

Added: Thursday, January 14th 2021 at 3:17am by Imperatrix
Related Tags: war, lies, hypocrisy, cults, authority

Let the re-education camps begin.  They're coming after you, folks. Your job too.  AND your children.  Gonna have to 'deprogram' you until you renounce Trump.  Watch it and weep.  Or lock and load.  Your choice.



Yup, I am still wanting to boycott YT but as long as content like this is still available, I will use their own site against them.   Subscribe to this dude, it's the only way you can see his stuff, as he's been shadowbanned for a long time there.

BEST THING I SAW ON THE NEWS YESTERDAY?  I've heard that many members of Congress are afraid to attend the inauguration on the 20th.

How many times have you all seen me say that the biggest difference between France (which seems to have a government relatively responsive to the demands of their citizens) and America (where our govt ignores our requests while wasting money on nonsense) is that in France, THE GOVERNMENT FEARS THE PEOPLE while in America, THE PEOPLE FEAR THE GOVERNMENT .

Perhaps, finally, the asswipes in DC will remember who they actually work for.  They're scared?   Pffft.   My heart bleeds.




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Sad but real Nazi to the tune of 130 scientists were brought here in 1943 to avoid the Russians getting their knowledge, and were give citizenship and worked with the Military Industrial Complex, MKultr projects which became mind control of the general population... how innocent we all were to not see this but then we had few news sources, no TV which aptly named Tel A Vision or Internet so we were at the mercy of these control freaks who continued the 3rd  into 4th Reich back then slowly infiltration the mind of man..

And damn, aKuna, here I always thought Russia was our ally in WW2 and the scientists we allowed to escape Europe and/or defect to America were encouraged to do so in order to prevent HITLER from developing a nuclear weapon.  Oppenheimer was already on the verge.

I'll leave your comment stand, but as usual, question the accurateness of the information it contains.   I am no censor, the only two people I have blocked are blocked for purely personal reasons.

 they wanted out of Germany and away from Hitler so it was US or Russia providing them at that time a home..remember Hitler was giving orders but not part of the mass killings, scientist had science on their mind not the raising of a world order.  Also they say, I can't Proove that Hitler never took his life he ended up in south Argentina which became a Nazi area for the new 4thReich and still is .. (2 dif books one not on politics or war so their if there is smoke there is usually fire) The Nazi party never flew here so they ended up Demi librals. Russia was our aly that doesn't mean they didn't want the same top scientist and experment that we also wanted. We just bought them first being the bigger $ power. Sabrins there is tons of twisted truths in history so please consider at least what may just be the buring fire and not the wind blowing the smoke a dirveted direction.

You forget, I spent most of my childhood and early teenaged years in Deutschland, learned all about "Hitler is alive and living in Argentina" theories when I was like...10 years old.

My father worked for the Military Inustrial Complex, designed fighter jets like the F4 Phantom while we were living there as civilians with military 'status of forces.'  It fed our family well, and continues to feed MANY families today.

Sadly, no one listened to Eisenhower's warning address at the end of his Presidency.  A standing army has to have work to do, so we find ourselves getting involved in all sorts of shitstorms we ought to remain out of.

Trump was doing a lot towards that end.

But the Dems are chomping at the bit for war with Iran, Russia, China, and god-knows-where-else...watch those employment numbers rise to the skies as we start making more bombs and bullets, mostly to be sold to enemies who will first use them in proxy wars, and then against US when the Dems seek 'regime change.'

Hey. Not everyone in the world wants to live like we do.  We make think it's great, but there are many who are not so impressed and don't want our brand of democracy, which is currently imploding in on itself.  Can't say I blame them.

Sometimes it takes a tyrant to rule tyrants.  We ain't the world's policemen, hell, we can't even stop the bloodshed that goes on nightly in our own cities.

We're fucked, plain and simple.

btw--would you please remove the 'friends only' restriction from your blog?  Surely there are so few of us left blogging here that you can handle any argument against you, or simply delete it/block the offender.

I won't be forced to declare a friendship in order to leave commentary, you and I haven't been what I'd call friends in a long time, but that doesn't mean I have nothing to say about some of the things you post.  I've let you comment freely here without demanding some sort of fake-assed Blogster Oath of Loyalty, and the problem with echo chambers is that eventually, the echo gets so loud it drowns out any new information at all.

Don't do that to yourself.

ya sorry didn't realize it was still there

Thank you.  I've gotta get out of here for a bit but will be back around later or in the morning.  Nice to know I can participate if moved to do so.

He totally nailed it!

I heard one influencer say not to leave fb, yt, etc.  As much as they censor, we can still use it for our purposes by sharing.   It's good to get the word out. 

And they can use it for surveillance.  In fact, they already have.

Over the next week or so I will be cleaning out my cell phone and cutting it's constant contact with the towers in my location, only allowing that when a call is made or recieved.  I will be installing a VPN on my old PC.  I will make the move to encrypted email, and start using TOR (again) for browsing conservative/right-wing sites.

But I'm gonna run my mouth in public wherever and whenever I feel I can do so while remaining at least semi-anon, as I am not at all interested in being 'deprogrammed' by the crop of Nazis getting ready to take over all three branches of our government.

Revolutions eat their own, ALWAYS.  I wonder what seenfromtheinsaneasylum will taste like?  Old and bitter, I suppose.  Not satisfied with her candidate's win, he/she is still going on and on and on about Trump, just as his media masters want him to.

How's it feel to be hated by half the nation, JAMES?  Now you get to walk some miles in *my* shoes.

That was my feeling Maggie...we can quietly still plant seeds if they are covered other starting to garden will keep an eye open for some growth.

Using Big Tech benefits their goals more than our resistance.

Yup.   They will root us out, save every bit of what we've contributed, and use it to 'deprogram us.'

As it's being said now, for the Dems, it's not enough that they won.  Now they must eradicate any thought of resistance, convince us all that we've been victims of some massive CULT indoctrinization, and need their special brand of 'help.'

The feds are already in GAB, have been there a while now, or so it seems.  I set up an account but never used it (was more interested in Dissenter but had to get GAB to download that, if memory serves me correctly) and I was shocked to discover I had 4 followers, and I was 'following' them.

The one that stood out the most was the NAAWP, (National Association of White People's party) but when looking at their site, found they have zero posts and replies, maybe have been kicked off entirely a couple of years ago, but there they are, on my home page at GAB, listed as following ME.


Gotta find a way to clean up that home page, but have difficulty navigating for now, learning a whole new platform is taxing for my ancient baby-boomer brain, lol.

But gone they will be.  Somehow.   Not that I don't like white people, of course.  I LOVE white people!  All sorts of them.  I also love people of other hues, religions, sexual orientations, nationalities, etc.

But only a few, and that includes other whites.

Most people are just plain assholes, and my expectations are just too high to have many friends I care enough about to tell 'em I love them.

~waves @ katskorner in the peanut gallery, invites her input, and requests she unblock me.~


~dancing with happiness~

How's my GOAT, woman?


~dances with happiness again~

It's been a while, old friend.

AOC talking about a "Truth Committee" to rein in the media, to stop the spread of "false" and "inflamatory" speech....insert Free into any of her categories and you get the true gist of it.  Waiting for the announcement that O'Rourke will be the "gun" czar in charge of rounding up all the "assault" rifles out there.  The "common sense" reasoning to get rid of the electoral college is appealing to the mouth-breathers...and don't forget the extra justices for the SCOTUS and statehood for DC and some other territories.  Lauren Bacall described it best...buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

And I think we are past "Lock and Load"...it is "watch your lanes" time.

Always do, and try not to swerve.  Don't wanna give them any excuse to look too hard at me, even though any semblance of privacy is long gone and won't ever be coming back.

But saying one doesn't mind being spied on by the government because they are doing nothing wrong is like saying you're against freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.  (paraphrased from Edward Snowden.)

Wheeerr's Waldo?  ... er...   Trump?

Probably playing some night golf, he could use some recreation at this point, I;m sure.  He did put out a statement in regards to the inauguration, though.  You didn't see it, FedUp?

I agree he prolly needs some r&r.  But I feel a bit abandoned by him...but I am wanting to believe that 'stuff' is cooking on the back burner and will be brought out soon.

No, I did not see that pronouncement... We just came out of a 35 hour power black-out.

Where is it?



I need CC  --CC works but it is in Russian. Tried to get English...didn't work for me...I'm no geek, obviously.

You mean captioning?  Go into your YouTube settings tab and look for 'accessability.'  You should then see a tab for closed captioning, when you click on that it should offer different languages.

Or you can go HERE to read the transcript in full.  He made this address 2 days ago, on January 13th.



Yeah we are going to have to agree to not with the vid. It's the same stuff they went on about during Clinton and obama, and no one ever came for Ma and Pa Republican or tried to seize the government after they lost the election...

Hey the proton mail suggestion is a good idea, if you want privacy - when I worked at the Square Kilometer Array they ban anything with google products, no MS hardware or software, if it isn't Linux or Unix forget it, they even frowned at my Mac laptop but allowed it if I used Proton mail, an approved browser and search engine.

Duck duck go - yeah stick to that one.

Also use Mozilla's firefox it has a plug in to integrate Duck.

Most most most importantly get really frigging good malware/antivirus if you simply must use a PC.

Even more importantful is a VPN, I use nord, they are faster, more secure and you can integrate both onion routers (tor), double route your VPN or Obfuscate which is really hard to trace.

You can also set a dedicated IP so say - I dunno a certain English dude wanted to get back here he could get around that IP block thing - Hi Ken!

Mostly tho I think you'd be ok unless you use trigger words and you'll be clever enough not to use those even as a joke. Feds don't have a sense of humour.

Oh don't I know it!

I've made most of those suggestions on my "How to Beat the Censors" post, and am in the process.  I already had Tor and Firefox, added the Duck to FF yesterday, and am looking into a decently priced VPN.

I wish I could afford an IPhone, but it's a cheap old Android for moi.  I can still stop it from constantly engaging with tower pinging.

Linux I gotta think about, this machine is ancient and the soundboard is fucked as well as the CPU fan, but I love it because I'm still running windows 7, teehee.

When I am forced to replace it, I will certainly install Linux because I hate, loathe, and despise Windows 10.   So do most of those currently stuck with it.

Scarly, my scientific pseudo-lesbian crush, you wouldn't deprogram me, would ya?  Just 'cus I'm a conservative?  The horror, the horror!

And let Oakie know that IP spoofers can be downloaded anywhere, many of them at no cost.   www.download.com has a decent selection and they are a reputable site.  However, I've been told the actual 'create new account' feature is busted, so an IP change ain't gonna help poor Oakie.

In the meantime he can come talk all he wants here.  There are a few of us, very few, that leave our blogs entirely open, and I DO NOT REFEREE.  He can verbally kick anyone's ass here that he wants to, even if he has to do so as an anon.

With the phone, you should be ok if you avoid google stuff - and chinese phones - I don't wanna sound racist but I am where the actual communist dictatorship is involved.

Refurbished iphones are fine too, just make sure they are fully wiped when you get them only because legacy log ins are a pain to erase.

I liked W7 W10 is a pain in the arse. I feel for you. Linux generally runs better on old systems because it's not all about eye candy and widgets like the Mac or Windows. It's just a prick of a thing to install sometimes.

Dudette - I WANT you to believe and do and say whatever the hell you want to, you're a smart lady and that is the end of the argument. I'm actually more conservative - just our version not the USA one.

I was being cheeky there, I'm pretty sure that our overlord reads everything - which is why I locked that blog to friends only and called it 'what do you think of my tits' - his avi appeared in minutes. Jesus how are men in charge still - they are so easy to read!

I'll pass that on to Oakie. What I meant tho was should you need the static address thingy it's usually in the vpn package.

Blows that Nord is expensive - I've had a few and it's the best one, shockingly it's also one of the largest, those are usually not good together software wise.

Oh, and just FYI, anyone with mod tools can read any blog they want to, regardless of how it's set, even if it's 'friends only' or even 'private post.'   Could read PMs too, back when they were working.

I'm actually more conservative - just our version not the USA one.

This binary thinking is a bonafide part of the communication problem. One dimensional view of Conservatism in the USA, undoubtedly comprised of more stereotypes than truth, and very typical among people who don't live here.

Bank it in Beijing!

Agreed.  We do tend to put each other in boxes which don't always fit.

Hell, even married to an Englishman it took me quite a while to understand that what Americans call 'middle class ' is what Brits use to describe people who are wealthy or privileged enough not to have to work for a living!

Note to the world: The American Middle Class works their ASSES off , only to have most of it disappear up the rectums of our 'elected' overlords, who waste it like there's no tomorrow.

They pay for everything, and every welfare program whether that's food stamps for those who work for low wages or don't (can't, in many cases) work at all, and they ALSO pay for corporate welfare, all those tax breaks and loopholes which allow those who already have more money than they can spend in 1000 lifetimes but hold governors hostage by dangling jobs for their constituents as the reward for these tax breaks.

The American Middle Class is literally being squeezed out of existance, and our nation continues to fold in on itself, truly becoming a nation of haves and have-nots, with no in-between.  Especially with all these small businesses, mom-and-pop types of stores and services, being forbidden to open...in the name of 'fighting covid.'

Yeah.  What a crock.  As a consumer *I* can decide if a place is clean enough to spend my money in, and if I were a business owner, I'd be doing backflips to make sure it IS clean, or risk losing my customers.

But no.  Opressive state regulations (in many states) won't allow it, so people are really hurting right now.  The government needs to get out of the way, period.  Get those vaccines out and let the free market do its job.

I do apologise for empathising Anon, I’m not very good at it but I do try, I try to get along with people no matter how far up their own arses - to a point.

So I realise your dictionary is different to ours and conservative means bat shit mental over there - fine, sorry to compare ya’ll to us, point taken. You say my view point is one dimensional and that makes me laugh, never mind - geek humour. So you say that this viewpoint is - sorry still laughing at the literal there - stereotypical - then your whole post is.

Thanks for the lolz and for the whole - whatcha say is whatcha are.

Bank it in Bejing? Like your man Trump does?

Nice self own.

A pathetic comeback. Weak AF!

Your political ideologies can be defined by a dictionary? LOL  Not for any Aussie I know....

She got your there tiny brained Scott. {#apploud.gif}

Sheesh never did find that life then Metal? Thanks for the additions to my profile, hope you get better meds soon x

Too weak for words. Even Boomer Blogsters can do better than that.

You just don't like the truth. That's why you avoid it.

Just think... some of the people here have taken their whole life to be this dumb. But you did it so much quicker. How is that, exactly?

conservative - just our version not the USA one.

Even if reference their own words, word for word, the best the useful idiot left can come up with is that.

I could put two Conservative members of my own family from Maine and Alabama in front of this midwit and watch their brains ooze from their ears as they realize mere common sense could have revealed the truth.

What Scarlet means by "our version" is any fucking thing about the American political right that she doesn't like.

Isn't that right, Scarly?

Need some help with your grammar there Scott?

Isn't you is smart - right Scott?

YOU SOUND DUMB AS FUCK! Not even Midwit level.

Has the useful idiot left ever been more useful?

I think it's an easy case to make that none of this would be happening if not for their subversion.

Nice chatting with you the other morning :)


Check your email.


Sadly, I just can't see any way for the world to return to sanity. The world has changed irreversibly. Why so?

Mother nature has spent millions of years arranging a natural order to all things. Balance has always been the key, continuation and perfection of the species has always been the goal. For the species known as homo-erectus the natural order of things was thrown completely out of kilter with the popularization of "the pill" which began back in the 1950's. This is still considered the god-send that has blessed women with a sexual freedom that could only have been dreamed of in the past.

That's a fact. But it doesn't scratch the surface of the story of how this freedom has changed the natural world.

Nature's plan never accounted for what might happen if human-kind learned how to bypass the restrictions and repercussions built into the plan as it was designed for human beings. You see it is only man in the animal kingdom who can:

     procreate at any time, enjoy the physical pleasure it provides, chose the time he/she believes he is prepared to raise offspring and choose the number of them he will have. This is one of two things that make us humans exceptions within the animal kingdom. The other is man's unique intelligence which gives him the ability to foresee the future and decide ahead of time how he will proceed once he's made his choices. And what does any of this have to do with birth control and women's new found freedom from nature's restrictions on their sexual behavior?

If you have read and are in agreement with the old book, "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" you understand that the primary difference between men and women is that men are driven by logic while women are driven by emotion. This is by nature's design and to deny it is to flirt with human destruction. They are Yin and Yang.

With the "pill" came women's war on men. It began with demands for entry into areas of the work force that had been traditionally held by men. Next they demanded to be allowed into men's clubs, boys schools, even men's locker rooms. And we can clearly see that female political positioning has brought sheer madness with it as logic and reason have given way to hysteria. The gentility that we all once believed was the nature of women has vanished as they've gorged themselves on new found power.

I'll say no more except to say this:

I watched as my daughters were driven into the halls of higher indoctrination and were so possessed by it that they have pushed their own daughters through the same doors. I've actually heard them speak about the next barriers that "womanhood" must overcome, science and math (in spite of the fact that they know the next generation of women don't want to go into these spheres any more than they did). Then I look to my grandsons and try to figure out some way of telling them that their mothers and sisters are preparing a life of hell for them as they seek to prepare hell for every white male of the next generation.

I can't make them understand it and I see no way to stop it. 



White genocide has been taking place slowly for many years, it's only more noticeable now because of it's rapid increase in both scope and pace.  Even covid vaccination sites are separating whites from non-whites, giving non-whites priority, and ffs there is even talk about making a black vote count for twice what a white one does.

We've done it to ourselves, nbt, with our willingness to accept collective guilt for the sins of our ancestors, and our continued worship at the false altar of diversity...which is, by design, destined to ERADICATE diversity.

Sad I'm around to see it begin in earnest, glad I won't be around to see it come full circle.


Yeah, but count me out with that "we" crap. I've fought it all the way.

Me too.   I've tried.  At least I can say I tried.

You did too.  Many of us did. 

But once the schools became indoctrination camps, all was lost.  Decades ago.  Can't close Pandora's Box, it's far too late for that.

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