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The Not So Original Content of Blogster (and: JOE ROGAN IS GAY!!!)

Added: Saturday, May 14th 2022 at 9:05am by Imperatrix
Category: Blogster > News > General News
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I went out to eat last week.  I got some food.  It cost x number of dollars.  The wait staff was good/bad/cute.  The end.  Oh wait, here are dozens of photos of me .

I travelled to a foreign country.  Here is what the airport and hotel room looked like.  Here are a some photos of the coat hangers and toilets.  Here are some photos of the landscape.  Not a single one of me , however.   The end.

I watched a movie on netflix.  It starred so-and-so.  It sucked.  The end.  Oh wait, here are a few more dozen photos of me .

I am a leftist.  Here's some hatred for anyone who doesn't feel exactly like I do.

I am a leftist posing as a conservative.  Here's some hatred.  Let's sit here and make fun of others for a few dozen comments.  (Be sure to let your facebook buddies know to show up!)

I am a 'conservative'.  Here are some cut-n-paste jobs from other sites.

I am a religious fanatic.  Here are some cut-n-paste sermons/bible studies I didn't write but will take credit for.


There are a few of you left that do write original content consistently.  Know that you few are the only reasons I keep haunting this place a couple of days a week.

Here's one of my favorite youtubers, just for shitzngigglez.


aka The Liberal Hivemind!

User Comments

Cut and pasted from a free site.  Just  keeping up my end of the stick.

Awwww, you've shared SO much of your life here over the years that it's perfectly fine if you just feel like sharing mostly music these days!

{#crazyheart.gif} {#crazyheart.gif} {#crazyheart.gif} {#crazyheart.gif} {#crazyheart.gif} {#crazyheart.gif} {#crazyheart.gif} {#crazyheart.gif} {#crazyheart.gif} {#crazyheart.gif}

Things around the house keep me pretty occupied lately, when I do think of things to write about, by the time I get to the keyboard I can't recall what the hell it was.

That's old age kicking in.


I still have a lot to share, just won't do it HERE ever again.  In fact, I've become a bit paranoid lately on ALL 'social media' platforms and all but given up writing.

You've got my number still, I hope.  Call me anytime.  I'll answer as long as I'm awake and not driving or involved in medical crappola.

I can relate...to both of ya!

I'm getting so old now that I fart rust.  When there's nothing at all left, I'll be farting dust!

I never trust a fart anymore.

Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...me neither!

Have you seen 2000 Mules?



Not yet, but I do love me some Dinesh!

I don't care about Dinesh. He's suspect. But the people who gave him that research deserve some kind of medal. Especially if the raw data supports.

Lol no surprise to not see a mention of it on this site. Right after they steal 2022, someone will get around to it....


Everyone's suspect these days, Scott, and that's what I've come to LOATHE about America in recent years.  Even the people I once viewed as 'the good guys' are suspect, with double agents around every corner.  Call me paranoid, I have good reason to be!

These days I take every little thing I hear with a grain of salt.  Hell, sometimes even half the salt shaker.  That makes me very thirsty.  Thirsty for truth, for facts without spin, without agendas, stated or hidden.

Instead, I've just taken to drinking a lot to avoid dehydration.

Not as far as content creators and podcasters I follow. I have no reasons to suspect them of anything to this point, but the same cannot be said for Dinesh. The whole game these days isn't who has the truth or facts, it's who do people trust to tell you what they think and to do so honestly. The whole Rogan thing recently kinda makes that case. Same situation with Tim Pool. 

Dinesh is part of Conservative Inc. And with that comes baggage. I'd have preferred that True the Vote made the documentary without him, but they didn't. And as a result, you're seeing the same kind of bullshit we always see with Con Inc and it's distracting from the information in the doc itself.

Dinesh could have prevented all of this, but he chose to cozy up with Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Sebastian Gorka and other Con Inc clowns who many people think are weak and untrustworthy. 

So many things are black and white now. No salt needed. I can process information and be confident of my conclusions. People are still ignoring reality. That's the problem, nothing else.


Forgive me Sabrina, for only belatedly have I read all of the commentary on your excellent post.

Now, about "Thirsty for truth, for facts without spin...", I can sincerely tell you that I have wondered whether any of the ayatollahs of Iran have actually called America "The Great Satan". I've used Google's translate feature to "translate" The Great Satan into "Persian" (I wanted Farsi). Here it is:

شیطان بزرگ

Me and my English speaking self, I look at that and I translate Squiggle squiggledy bop

@ Scott, in regards to content creators he trusts.

Some suggestions would be great.



All I do is follow whoever I believe to have the most expertise on a subject. Follow the Mises Caucus people for liberty issues. I follow the Doctors who've been right about so much for health stuff. I follow Bannon's Warroom for all local political activism efforts and general political news. I follow Human Event's daily for Jack Posobiec's reporting. If I wanna know about foreign policy or issues of war, Scott Horton. If it's a based liberal ripping the left, I really enjoy Jimmy Dore.

Also follow Timcast, Styxhexenhammer, Dave Smith Part of the Problem, Liberty Lockdown and some Blaze TV commenters.

And creators like Awaken with JP and Liberal Hivemind...   It's mostly the titles that bring me in these days. If it's focused on something I'm onto then I watch or listen.

I basically listen to and support anyone who opposes the progressive left, neocons and globalist technocrats. Those who reflect that mindset and are willing to die on that hill, I support.


Great video!  Loved seeing the "Not-So-Young Jerks" called on the carpet.  

There are still some worthwhile content creators on youtube, flying under the radar.  Another favorite of mine is called "Full Spectrum Survival" and the content is timely, varied, and full of good advice.  Here's the link.


Thanks!  I will try to catch a few when I take my breaks.

Is life a pantomime? Anyhoo, with this post, Sabby, you've done a swell job demonstrating that the categories "conservative", "moderate", "liberal", "straight" and "gay" have all become so misused and overused that they become meaningless.

Here's what would make me glad if Rogan is in fact a homosexual:

I think he's cute.

I presume he is reasonably physically healthy.

I just know he's a rascal.

It is within the realm of possibility that he and I will cross paths some day.

He may possibly decide to woo me.

He almost certainly has more money than me.

Methinks he's younger than me but not reproachably so.

He seems to meet many fascinating, opinionated people.

Vicarious living works sometimes.

Is life a pantomime? Anyhoo, with this post, Sabby, you've done a swell job demonstrating that the categories "conservative", "moderate", "liberal", "straight" and "gay" have all become so misused and overused that they become meaningless.

Geeez, I wonder whose fault that is?


Sounds like you've got a bit of a crush on the man, Robert, lol.

Vicarious is the only way I can live these days.  I'm lucky to get out of the house once a week, and only manage that to help my elderly mom go grocery shopping.  She's a tough ol' bird, still walking with the aid of a grocery cart, but me?  I struggle to get out of the parking lot and into the store, where one of those electric carts allows me to keep up with her.  Between breaking three vertebrae last summer and my breathing issues, that's the best I can do.

It makes me long for the early days of the internet, when everything was so exciting...even if it was slow as fark.

I still stand on my original assessment, that there are two archtypes of people online, those who use anonyimity to be someone else, and those who use it to finally be themselves, without fear of real life social repercussions.

It's almost impossible to maintain that anonymity these days, and it's become a cesspool of porn and advertising.  I could deal with that, both are easily avoidable.  But once the government stepped in to monitor our speech and activities, I sort of washed my hands of it all.

Snowden's book, 'Permanent Record' was all it took to convince me.

Oh god, I feel you, part of the fault is that of victimhood-reliant homosexuals. I tell you, Scott, seeing a whole person rather than a category is a hard habit to break.

Interesting! I hadn't known that Snowden wrote a book. I wonder if my county library system has it...

...HA! IT DOES! I've just now placed a hold on it courtesy of cyberspace. I'm "number 2 in line".

Thanks, Sabby! You (and Troll2016 who recommended the author Christopher Moore) are now my new favorite Blogsterishness(es).

She's a tough ol' bird, still walking with the aid of a grocery cart, but me?  I struggle to get out of the parking lot and into the store, where one of those electric carts allows me to keep up with her.

There's a fable to be written from that. Use the nom de plume Sister Grimm.

This is why I love you, everything in one blog post, says me a fuck of a lot of time not having to read all that other crap! 

Hope you are well my friend. Dolly and I are starting to break down, one limb at a time, guess it's just side effects of old age creeping up on us, but otherwise we are fine.  

This comment is the most I've written in a few months, just don't seem to have the inclination or energy to write much anymore. 

Take care, and look after yourself!

Hope all is well with you


I so miss you, my neighbor to the north, and sorry to see things getting so wobbly there under Trudeau.  What a pompous little arse he is!  Truly frightening times.

Best wishes to you and Dolly, and I hope things take a turn for the better, and soon.


And I am still alive, so there is that...  I have something to tell you, but I guess I will email it at some point because it's no one's business, but you will know why I have been missing for so long besides that fact  that this place is not what it used to be so no need to come here. :-)

SO glad to see you, Lia!  Do you still have my email addy?  It starts with a P and has something to do with casting pearls before swine, lol.

Yes I do, I was going to ask you if that was the same one. Will get to that this week.  xoxo

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